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‘Blatant Robbery’- Emotional Hutchinson claims judge told him he should have won

A ‘blatant robbery’ that’s how John Hutchinson described his St Patrick’s Day draw in Sydney.

The Donegal man believes he had a chance to make serious inroads in the sport ‘taken away’ from him by bad scoring.

The nomadic fighter had to settle for a draw in his WBC Asia Continental title fight with Craig Parke. After a re-check, the final tallies read 96-94, 93-96, and 94-94 – a split draw.

Hutchinson dropped the former Rugby League player heavily in the third round but despite dropping off the pace somewhat felt he had more than done enough to win.

Indeed, the ‘Buncrana Banger’ claims the all those in attendance including one judge were adamant he won by at least four rounds.

Hutchinson was incredulous at the result, and gave an impassioned post-fight interview in the ring, stating that he was robbed but promising that he would be back. He echoed that sentiment when speaking to T2T boxing in the dressing room.

“I am feeling a bit gutted it was taken away from me. Everyone said to me I was up by four rounds. It was a blatant robbery, but it is what it is,” he said before revealing he came out for the last round with a do nothing silly game plan due to the fact he felt he was a few rounds clear on the cards.

“If I had of known, I won’t say stitched up, it was getting taken away from me I would have put it on him in the last round. I was told ‘your comfortably ahead John, he is going to put it on you just get out breath’ and that’s what we done. He was down on the ground , but look it is what it is It’s Paddy’s Day we are going to go out and celebrate no matter what.”

The Ring Star fighter, who has fights scheduled all over Australia and Asia this year, also revealed on judge told him he won by four round despite the result.

“I came out of the ring and said to a judge ‘personally deep down did I win that fight’ and he said ‘John I had you up by four rounds’.”

Most fighters who feel hard done by scoring scream rematch, but not Hutchinson. The Thailand based puncher suggests that is exactly what the promoters of a show that played host a career changing win for Darragh Foley want.

“Never say never, but we all know what that was about, the crowd he brought the crowd I brought it’s a money spinner they want a rematch to pack this place out. I am not doing that it was taken away from me, everyone knows,” he continued before ending on a positive and stressing he will solider on with the support of a new team.

“For years I have been training myself in Thailand and jumping about from camp to camp. I finally have a great team around me and everyone is doing a great job. I can’t thank them enough. Australia is like a home to me now and it’s onwards and up wards from here. We will take a few days now, celebrate and have the craic like I am the champ anyway then get back. There is plenty to work towards. ”

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