Danny Vaughan plans to let Jono Carroll off the leash in 2017 – targets Mitchell Smith

‘King Kong’ will be unchained and let loose next year.

Jono Carroll pushed his winning run to 13 with a points victory over Juan Luis Gonzalez on Saturday in Scotland, registering his third quickfire win under MGM in the process.

Having been granted his ‘get busy’ wish the Prizefighter winner is now ready for to kick on to more meaningful fights, and it seems that request will also be met.

New coach Danny Vaughan claims the 24 year old is ready to be let off the leash in 2017, and says they will welcome all comers next year.

All comers includes former English super featherweight champion Mitchell Smith [14(8)-1(0)], who is with Frank Warren and, considering the promoter’s links with MGM, that seems an easy fight to make.

Vaughan, who also trains Jamie Conlan, told IFL TV that “there was talk about George Jupp, it was supposed to be a title fight tonight, but I think everyone is busy. There was talk of Mitchell Smith, Mitchell said they didn’t hear about it, but I heard about it. Look we would fight anyone in 2017. Next year we will let him off the leash.”

Carroll admitted he was open to the fight, albeit in more reserved fashion than usual when interviewed.

“I really respect Mitchell Smith, he is a very good fighter and that’s what we are all in this game to do, test ourselves. They are the type of people we want to be in the ring with. What is the point of being a boxer if you are going to get carried through your whole career. I don’t believe in that.”

Watch Danny Vaughan and Mitchell Smith’s interview with IFL TV in full below:


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