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5 Great Boxing Matches Your Girlfriend Needs to Check


Benny Pare – Emil Griffith (3rd fight)

Date: March 24, 1962

This date can rightly be called ‘a black day’ in the history of boxing. The first fight went to Emil, who managed to knock out an opponent, and in the second split decision, Benny took the upper hand. The third time, he put an end not only to the fight but also to the life of Pare. Everything happened during 13th round of the third duel. Clamped in the corner, Pare was violently bombarded by his opponent. For about a minute, Benny almost was not defending defend himself, but the referee of the battle, Rubi Goldstein, came to his senses only when the body of the athlete was limp, and he hung on the ropes. Pare’s eyes never opened again…


Muhammad Ali – Joe Frazer (3rd fight)

Date: October 1, 1975

Our list wouldn’t be complete if we wouldn’t cover the ‘Thriller in Manila.’ The third battle between the legendary Americans is rightfully considered the best performance played in the ring. In the first five rounds, Ali’s advantage was undoubtful. He hurt the opponent pretty badly, but he could not break the will of Iron Joe. Frazer managed to save his strength even under the Philippine heat while Mohammed, with each round, less and less succeeded in fluttering like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. But Joe was thwarted by extensive hematomas. After the 14th round, the referee stopped the fight, which allowed Ali to win through a technical knockout. But Mohammed did not rejoice in success for long – after the end of the fight, he lost consciousness from exhaustion. Later, Ali gave due to the opponent, calling him the best boxer after himself.


Arturo Gatti – Micky Ward (1st fight)

Date: 18 May 2002

If you need real boxing – do not waste time watching the shows of the Klitschko brothers. Check out Arturo Gatti instead. This great ‘butcher’ is no longer with us, but he still remains the benchmark of the fearless gladiator of the ring. This fight is truly historic, so you have to watch it with someone you love. Visit https://romancecompass.com to meet that special someone. The first of three fights of the Canadian Thunder against Micky Ward gave us a real war, the apotheosis of which was the ninth round that many call the best in the history of professional boxing. Both fighters were worthy of victory, but the choice of judges fell to the Irishman.


Diego Corrales – Jose Luis Castillo

Date: May 7, 2005

When a Latino warrior comes out to the ring, then wait for a spectacle, but if there are two of them – the fight will inevitably turn into a fierce battle between two professionals. This is what happened on May 7, 2005. From the first seconds, Corrales and Castillo forgot about clinches, jabs, and other moves a pro boxer usually uses. By the middle of the battle, hematomas and cuts changed the faces of both boxers beyond recognition. The winner was determined by the tenth round. First, Castillo knocked down Corrales twice. But the American not only managed to get up but also knocked out his opponent 55 seconds before the end of three minutes.


Denis Lebedev – Guillermo Jones

Date: May 17, 2013

One of the most dramatic battles of recent years has not officially taken place due to Jones’s positive doping test. From the very beginning, Lebedev brought down a hail of blows on the opponent, but the Panamanian took them with frightening calmness. But Denis faced a problem – a trauma obtained in the first round, provoked the appearance of a hematoma. This epic battle is better to be seen with someone you love, so visit https://www.beautifulpeople.com/. With each blow of Jones, the wound became bigger and bigger, at the end of it all, the face of the Russian boxer was unrecognizable. In the 11th round, when all the sane fans of boxing mentally asked Lebedev’s corner to stop the fight, the courageous sportsman fell on one knee…


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