4Thumps Season Finale, Episode 8

First Irishman to win a world title bout in America since Jimmy McLarnin in 1934.

First Irish world middleweight champ since Steve Collins 20 years ago.

Killer right hook. All round nice guy.

Our 4Thumps first series kicked off with Andy Lee and we’re back with the main man to conclude.

The Limerick man joined Kev, Ciaran and Eric to discuss his WBO glory against Matt Korobov in Las Vegas and mull over his options like bringing boxing back to RTE screens, fighting at home, early days in the amateur squad with Eric and the songs being written about his success.

Lee and Taylor were on our first show and within weeks, both had won world titles. Jono Carroll went from 4Thumps to Prizefighter champ so we’re something of a good omen. Enjoy our latest show, and see you (hopefully) for Season 2!
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Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years