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Gallagher hoping for an All Ireland Prizefighter final

BELFAST’S Paddy Gallagher is hoping for an all Ireland final of the Prizefighter kind live on Sky Sports this Saturday night.

The Belfast welterweight hopes to win the latest installment of knockout, knockout tournament and would prefer to beat Dubliner Dean Byrne in the final of a competition that plays out on the station that just bought GAA rights.

The undefeated Commonwealth Gold medallist thinks having an Irish winner and runner up would prove the ideal. He would also relish  the chance to prove himself the best welterweight in Ireland by beating the former Wild Card puncher.

Speaking to Irish-boxing.com Gallagher said,

“It would be good to get an all Ireland final and to have an Irish one and two and we can also see who should be higher ranked in Ireland.┬áThat (last weeks press day) was the first time I met Dean. I didn’t know what he was like before that, but he was real dead on and was joking away.”

Gallagher claims the atmosphere at the press meeting was jovial even outside himself and Byrne, but believes that will change when they weigh in later this week.

“The press day was very good, it was good to see the other lads and most of us got on well. I just talked away and we all got on fine, it will be different this week, but good sportsmanship is key.”

While he admits lining up seven potential opponents was strange ‘The Pat Man’ did take one positive from seeing his fellow contestants up close and personal.

“The one thing I realised was I’m not as small as I thought for a welterweight. The press day also got me buzzing and let me know what I’m looking forward to. I know what it’s all about so I can’t wait for Friday to see everyone again and then Saturday of course!”


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