15 interesting facts about boxing that few people know

There are many types of martial arts in the world, each inherently unique and deserving of respect and admiration. However, among all martial arts, there is one that, in my opinion, will always remain at the pinnacleā€”boxing, his majesty of the ring. This sport is a true “classic,” comparable to an expensive men’s suit, a fine cigar, or a 20-year-old whiskey. Just as enthusiasts enjoy the sophistication of a well-aged spirit or the exclusive perks of a Wanted Win casino no deposit bonus codes in online gaming, boxing connoisseurs appreciate the deep strategic elements and rich history of the sport. In this post, we will delve into 15 intriguing facts about boxing that are not widely known, offering you insights similar to the hidden benefits found in special gaming bonuses.

1. The art of fist fighting (boxing) dates back to before our era

In the modern world it is commonly believed that boxing was invented on the islands of “foggy Albion” (England), but archaeological excavations suggest otherwise. Images of fist fights have been found in ancient Egypt and the Sumerians.

2. The “father” of modern boxing is John Broughton

The first documented rules of boxing, and at that time “fist fighting under the rules of the London Prize Ring”, were invented by Englishman John Broughton and adopted in 1743.

3. In the States, there has long been a strict ban on fighting in the ring

It would seem that anywhere but in the cradle of democracy, but the fact remains. The U.S. authorities banned public fights until 1900. But in spite of that boxing in America was actively developing, underground fights were constantly organised.

4. Tyson earned the fastest 20 million dollars for 2 minutes of the fight

The fight took place in 1988. Mike Tyson met Michael Spinks in the ring and sent him to the floor in 2 minutes after the start of the fight.

5. The most expensive fight in boxing history

The most expensive fight in boxing history took place on 3 May 2015. Two legends met in the ring, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Floyd won by unanimous decision of judges, his fee totalled $120 million. Manny received $80 million for the fight.

6. 44 consecutive knockouts

The owner of this unique record is boxer Lamar Clark. In total, the American professional boxer had 47 fights and suffered only three defeats. The champion had his last fight on 19 April 1961 against the legendary Muhammad Ali. The latter knocked out Clark in the second round, breaking his nose.

7. A boxing giant, compared to whom Valuev is a toddler

Goge Meath is considered the tallest boxer in the history of the sport. His height was 2, 23 cm. In comparison, the height of Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev is 2, 12 cm.

8. Promoter of over 500 championship belts

The most famous organiser of champion boxing fights is Dong King. With the participation of this guy, more than five hundred championship fights were organised. However, this promoter is also considered to be the most “dirty”, as he fraudulently broke the careers and robbed talented boxers, including the notorious Mike Tyson and the infamous Gerald McClellan.

9. The longest fight lasted over 7 hours

The longest number of rounds and time in the ring was spent by American boxers Andy Bowen and Jack Burke. This spectacular and merciless fight took place in 1893.

10. Max Schleming lived the longest among professional boxing champions, the fighter died at the age of 99

The full name of the boxer was Maximilian Adolf Adolf Otto Siegfried Schmeling, but the whole world knew him as Max Schmeling. It is noteworthy that this fighter was the only German professional boxer to win the world super heavyweight title until 2007.

11. Not a single knockdown in 18 years of professional career

David Tua is a unique boxer, as he has never been knocked down in his long and highly successful career.

12. Vysotsky, Pushkin and Rosenbaum have achieved significant success in the amateur ring

Yes, few people know, but the creative elite of Russia has never hidden its love for boxing. In fact, Vysotsky, Pushkin and Rosenbaum are a small part of a huge list of famous boxing fans, but we will tell you about it in the next article.

13. There are more than a hundred full-length films about boxing in the world

The popularity of this sport, which I mentioned at the beginning of the article, is confirmed by the fact that there are more than one hundred feature films about boxing.

14. The shortest boxing match lasted 4 seconds

It took Michael Collins and Pat Brownson 4 seconds to decide the winner. Michael won the fight and it is now in the Guinness Book of World Records.

15. World Champion at 46

Bernard Hopkins loved boxing so much that he continued to box despite his 46 years. And this did not prevent him from becoming a world champion in one of the most prestigious versions.


Boxing, as illustrated by the 15 fascinating facts above, is not just a sport but a rich tapestry of history, culture, and extraordinary achievements. It stands out among martial arts for its deep roots that trace back to ancient civilizations, showing that the art of fist fighting is as old as time itself. The sport has evolved significantly from its rudimentary beginnings in ancient Egypt and under the rules established by John Broughton in the 18th century to become a sophisticated discipline that commands respect and admiration worldwide.

The records set within the sport, such as Tyson’s rapid victory and the endurance required in the longest boxing match, highlight the physical and mental extremes these athletes endure. Boxing’s influence extends beyond the ring; it permeates popular culture, evident in over a hundred films dedicated to exploring its nuances and drama. Moreover, figures like Bernard Hopkins exemplify the enduring spirit of boxers, continuing to compete at a high level well into their later years, underscoring the sport’s unique blend of physical demand and strategic depth.

In essence, boxing is more than just a competitive sport; it is a reflection of human struggle, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. Its ongoing popularity and the reverence it commands show that boxing will likely continue to captivate and inspire generations to come, much like the timeless classics it is often compared to. Whether you’re a casual observer or a passionate connoisseur, the sport offers layers of complexity and excitement that are as compelling as the thrill of winning a hard-fought match or unlocking a coveted bonus in a strategic game.


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