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Wrong score, right result argues Phil Sutcliffe Jr

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People can question the final scorecard, but not who won the fight, according to Philip Sutcliffe Jr [12(7)-1(0)]

‘Succo’ was awarded a 98-93 points win over two-time British title challenger Chris Jenkins on the undercard of Jamie Conlan’s Boxnation broadcast Homecoming last Saturday night, giving him a career-best win over a major domestic name.

The wide margin of the scorecard drew wide criticism for referee Hugh Russell Jr following the fight, and while the Crumlin BC graduate admits the scoring was harsh on his opponent, he is adamant the right man won the bout.

“I won the first four rounds. The first was a 10-8 round. Chris took the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, then again the sixth was close. I definitely won the ninth and he won the tenth, but I definitely won it by a round and a half,” the light welterweight Irish title hopeful told IFL TV.

“There is no way [he could have won it] with the 10-8 and then the rounds after that and a couple of rounds after. I definitely won the fight, but if he thinks he won fair play to him, its no harm. It was a lot closer than the score,” he added before hinting the ten-round all-action dust-up will stand him as he moves on.

“He is a tough lad and I am glad to have had a tough ten round fight with Chris, very happy with it.”

Watch Phil Sutcliffe Jr’s interview with IFL TV in full below:


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