World’s Best Boxers of All Time: Top 3

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Professional boxing has been and remains one of the most popular sports, despite the many negative factors that come with it. There are huge sponsorship sums involved. The front page of the world-famous boxing weekly The Ring features the world’s best boxers of all time – those who do their best work in the square bounded by the ropes.

Sugar Ray Robinson

His real name (Walker Smith) will say nothing to the average sports fan. His boxing label (Sugar Ray Robinson, “pound for pound”) signifies class, quality and uniqueness. The outstanding athlete of the middle of the last century changed seven weights during his career (1940-1965) – starting as a lightweight, he ended up in the welterweight category (7 in total). In two of them, welterweight and middleweight, he became world champion.

A strong and well-trained boxer in the ring, Robinson led a bright, exciting life outside of it. Attempts to “drag” him to his side were not undertaken, even by the bosses of various mafia groups. In the mid-fifties, he deservedly called the world’s best boxer. The Ring rated Sugar’s career with a short phrase: “the best boxer of our time, regardless of weight class.

Joe Frazier

In 1964, 20-year-old Philadelphian Joseph Frazier won gold at the Tokyo Olympics. Without wisecracking, he followed the path of most boxers of those years, going pro (1965-1981). Joe faced the best heavyweights of those years. It was real boxing. On October 1, 1975, Frazier and Ali beat each other mercilessly for 14 rounds in the 30-degree heat in Manila. After one of the rounds, Mohammed said the famous phrase, “I seem to be dying!”.

The same thing happened to say and the same “Smokin’ Joe”: at the age of 65, he died in his native Philadelphia from liver cancer, developed from a fantastic addiction to smoking Frazier. The bright, stylish black athlete lived an exciting life and gave the world a great boxing career.

Mohammed Ali

This man is the greatest boxer in the world. Without a doubt, most boxing fans call the greatest athlete in the sport’s history. After a string of colourful victories (Olympic triumph in Rome, the title of world champion after the fight with Sonny Liston in 1964), the black-skinned giant Cassius Marcellus Clay turned into a novice of Mohammed Ali’s Nation of Islam.

He became an icon for pacifists around the world, refusing to join the army in 1967 and being sent to Vietnam. The deprivation of all titles did not break the famous boxer: he regained his championship belts, speaking in fights against the greatest heavyweight boxers of the second half of the XX century – Forman, Frazier, Spinks, Norton, Patterson. The last battle of the great American, the author of the motto “Flutter like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”, was held on October 2, 1980, against Larry Holmes. Already seriously ill, in 1996, Ali made a famous shot with a torch from the bow, giving the world the flame of the Olympics in Atlanta.

No matter who compiles the ranking of boxers, the names mentioned above are undoubtedly worthy of being represented in any list. Their merits to the world sport are indisputable. As undeniable is the fact that boxing is growing and developing: it will surely give the world great champions who will stand in line with famous athletes.


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