Winning debut for Hardwick

24 May 2011 – Jonny Stapleton

Irish heavyweight Thomas Hardwick took step one of what according to his promoter Jim Foley will the a huge career in the Roseland Ballroom New York last weekend.

The only native Irish man to win the prestigious Golden Gloves tournament made a molehill out of man mountain Derek Walker, cutting the big man down to size within three rounds of his pro debut.

And the short route victory is the first of what Foley believes will be many impressive nights in a long and distinguished career.

“I am very proud of Tom’s performance. He was in there with much taller and heavier man, but he took care of business. We believe that was the first night of what is gonna be huge career of Thomas Hardwick,” Foley told

The young Dubliner, who was lead into the ring by John Duddy, was obviously delighted with his maiden paid boxing voyage. Fighting as a pro is a dream come true for the 26 year old and he is already looking forward to the next challenge.

“I am very happy from my first win, and I am looking forward to next one. I’m really exited to be in professional ranks, and to see what will come in the future. It feels like my dream is coming true,” the fighter told

Nerves played a part in the opening stanzas but the Coolock native relaxed as the fight progressed and ended his nights work in fittingly cool fashion.

“I was little bit tense in first round, but second and third I got more relaxed and I was able to perform better, very happy to win by TKO.”

Watch the fight here:

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