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‘Big Bang’ Casey warns Carroll against blowing up too soon

PRIZEFIGHTER victory lit a fuse that lead to a Willie ‘Big Bang’ Casey explosion and eventual implosion.

Within three months of lifting the Prizefighter trophy Casey had three more wins under his belt, the last of which was a European title victory over Paul Hyland achieved in his home town.

The popular Limerick super bantamweight’s next contest was a WBA interim World title fight with the great amateur off all time and now much avoided pro Guillermo Rigondeaux.

Prizefighter victory sparked a meteoric rise from novice to World title challenger, but the Casey flame is now flickering rather than burning bright. Big Bang’s career has never really recovered from defeat to the great Cuban and there is a school of thought that suggests he bite off more than he could chew before letting his back teeth develop.

Casey is a no regrets kind of person and is proud of his achievements- but when speaking to Irish-boxing.com about Jono Carroll’s lightweight Prizefighter victory he did indicate there is no need for ‘King Kong’ to go pulling up big threes just yet.

At 22 Casey suggests Carroll, whose Prizefighter success mirrors somewhat his own, has time to learn the trade and should take his time to bank the experience needed to compete at title level.

“I really enjoyed watching Jono Carroll in Prizefighter. He had this ‘you never beat the Irish’ attitude, similar to me when I won it. It was tremendous battle and challenge for him, he was three fight novice, similar to myself, and he came out on top. He beat all the odds and I am delighted for him and I wish him all the best,” Casey told Irish-boxing.com.

“There is no rush with him he is only 22. I wouldn’t say we got carried away, but we were on a high and it was big step after big step, there was no stepping down and obviously we got caught out eventually. But Jono is younger than me and he has his whole career ahead of him. He can take a longer route there is no point in trying to blow up now, he can take his time, learn the trade a bit more and his time will come.”


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