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Which Training is more Intense, MMA or Boxing?

Let’s start from the beginning. Boxing is the older of the two disciplines. In earlier times, boxing has been the dominant contact sport in this country for a very long period. MMA is an acronym for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and has been steadily overtaking boxing as the leading contact sport since the early 2000s.  

Top fighters are getting more and more well-known nowadays, and MMA as a whole is either as popular or more so than conventional boxing, as opposed to the past when the majority of MMA fights were hardly ever aired or covered by the media. Which sport is superior, then? Even though that argument may never be resolved, we may compare the two sports’ training regimens to determine which provides a more all-encompassing approach to fitness.


Fighting techniques from many backgrounds are combined in MMA.

Because boxing is only pure hitting, it has the most straightforward array of strikes in terms of fighting technique. Boxing is incredibly popular since it is a sport that fans can easily follow. 

Your stance will be slightly bladed than kickboxing or MMA because your sole targets are the head and body. Your elbows will be tightly clenched, shielding your face and keeping your body neatly in line. Your jab, cross, hooks, and uppercuts will be your key weapons in this fight. 

Let’s discuss the barrier now. The Slip is one of the most crucial and fundamental ways to react to the punch in boxing. You can practice the roll, blocks, pullbacks, and stepbacks, which all cover the footwork once you have mastered the slip. Not just boxing, but all combat sports require it.

MMA is a stand-up sport, but it also borrows heavily from boxing. In its unique MMA shorts and gloves, you use takedowns, grappling, clinch holds, judo throws, tosses, sweeps, grappling, submissions, jiu-jitsu, and everything else you can think of.

Illegal moves

There are a wide variety of illegal moves used in boxing. Of course, it is prohibited to kick or throw elbows, but there is another action that is prohibited, similar to dropping the gloves and punching. A downed opponent cannot be hit, nor can you punch back at their head or spine. 

MMA is a little bit different, though. Some of our unlawful moves sound slightly more graphic because our fingers are on display. As an illustration, refrain from grabbing the fence, yanking hair, hurting the eyes, or snatching clothing.

Match format

The format of a boxing contest is as follows. Three-minute rounds are used, followed by a one-minute break. Professional rounds often last 4 to 12 rounds. In the beginning, there could be up to 50 rounds. Boxing and MMA combat are slightly different. There are more rounds. Depending on whether it’s a legal fight, there will be 3 or 5 rounds, each lasting five minutes. It happens in a cage or an octagon.

How can I win? 

The most common method of victory in combat is somewhat traditional. If you don’t get a knockout, it goes as follows.

One referee, three judges, and a roughly 10-point must system will be used in the ring. In essence, the round’s winner will receive 10 numbers, while the loser would receive none. After the competition, the scores are added. In boxing, a knockdown results in a 10 count for professionals and an 8 count for amateurs.

 But MMA matches still feature one referee and three judges. However, if your fight ends up on the ground, there are no ten counts, and you cannot recover. You will remain on the ground. There are more ways to end the conflict as well. You can win by knockout, TKO, or submission, of course.


Both martial arts are subjected to physical restraint. So it’s safe to state that each fighter has received training in the essential areas. Exercises for the heart include running, skipping rope, shadow boxing, pad work, sparring, defense, agility, and footwork, not to mention nutrition. The boxer may concentrate on movement because they do not have to worry about getting kicked in the head. Both of these fighting stances are built on footwork. 

The most physically demanding sport, MMA, requires athletes to train in various disciplines and styles to be genuinely competitive in the ring.

And now that you all know a little about these specific disciplines, who do you think would win a fight? 


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