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Walsh: Any light middleweight that agrees to fight me needs their head examined

‘DEE Walsh is all panache no power’ was the line feed by the doubters to anyone who tried praise the Belfast fighter.

The Skeptics suggested Walsh lacked that one ingredient need to make it to the very top of the pro game natural punching power.

One person who never questioned ‘Waldo’s’ ability to box and bang was the fighter himself and he claims he taken pleasure in proving people wrong since he returned from his boxing sabbatical.

The Belfast fighter has stopped all but one opponent he took at his natural weight- and after his almost arrogant, stylish and intent latent destruction of Terry Maughan in last months Irish title fight, the confident 24 year old believes any fighter that agree to fight him at light middle should be made see a psychiatrist.

“Since I came back I’ve fought four light middleweights, I’ve stopped three and the other one I was in bed for two days that week with the flu so I couldn’t keep the tempo up in that fight. I would have stopped him otherwise,” Walsh told Irish-boxing.com.

“I honestly think I can go all the way at this weight, I love seeing the shock in the opponents face when I land a big shot because my power is so underrated in my opinion. So anyone who would like to fight me at this weight I think need their head looked at!!”

Terry Maughan was meant to represent a step up in class for the the now 10-0 fighter, but Walsh looked a number of levels above the Nottingham based fighter and took him out in two rounds. The former amateur International suggests he could have taken Maughan out earlier, but wanted the crowd, but felt obliged to give the crowd more than three minutes of action.

“The fight couldn’t have went better, I know when people paid money to see me when I won in the first round they were happy but wanted to see more, this time I know they were happy because I was able to put on a show for a round then stop him,” he added before discussing what it means to be Irish to Champion.

“It sunk in during the week, especially when I think about the times I lost in the finals of the all Ireland’s before winning one. Now I have the pro Irish title and I won it at the first attempt. It really means the world to me. Now I know what it takes to get ready for title fights, I can handle all that comes with it and I know I can do better next time.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years