Tyrone McKenna calls for more all-Irish fights

Tyrone McKenna [12(4)-0-1] knows first-hand the benefits of victory in an all-Irish domestic dust-up, and has encouraged other fighters to follow his lead in a bid to progress toward their fight goals.

The 27 year old is promising to make it back to back Dublin beat downs when he follows up his Sean Creagh win with another bit of capital punishment at the Waterfront Hall on Friday night.

The talented southpaw has had a mischievous glint in his eye before both fights. and seems to rejoice in the chance to take 0’s from his domestic rivals. The former child actor, it seems, loves the added attention the fan-friendly clashes bring as well as relishing the risk and knowing the reward on offer in terms of respect, publicity and notoriety.

“I love these fights. You can’t beat them. It’s great to have an all-Irish fight, but Belfast versus Dublin is always that little bit tastier,” McKenna told Irish-boxing.com.

“There is always rivalry between us. Belfast came out on top last time and will it come out on top again,” he added before discussing how things have changed for him since he beat Tallaght’s Creagh.

“I have noticed the difference after the Creagh fight. My profile has gone up, a lot people know me and I get a lot more attention.

“100 percent [more Irish fighters should fight each other]. You don’t want to be going around saying your undefeated fighter just because you have beaten Bulgarians all the time. If you fight Irish fighters people start taking an interest in you more and start following you more.”

McKenna is promising the same result as his last fight when he fights fellow 27 year old Hanney for the BUI Celtic Title on a Jamie Conlan topped card, but says he isn’t expecting the same kind of fight.

“He is different to Creagh. I don’t think he will be as aggressive and won’t come forward like Sean. He will try play smart and he does bring power, so it should be an interesting match up.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)

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