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Turner not worried about doing six rounds-‘It won’t go six anyway’

There are some who often like to suggest Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner doesn’t like to run, but outside of the exercise bracket you get the feeling the Irish-heavyweight would love to run before he can walk.

The Dublin big man is in a division that has been reinvigorated by the fragmentation of the titles. While potential bouts with Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder are some distance away the division is more open to fighters that can put together a run of wins and raise their profile while doing so.

Turner is just seven fights into his pro career, but he is keen get into the mix as soon as possible and that’s why Saturday’s fight is so important to him.

‘Big Sexy’ hasn’t been afforded a glamour opponent, although the to be confirmed foe is said to have taken a few English prospects the distance, rather he does six rounds for the first time and is happy to be making the progression associated with that.

“I have been out here (Marbella)training for five weeks and things have gone well. I am fit and raring to go. It is my first six rounder, which is the next step and I am delighted to be moving toward eight and tens. The lad I am fighting isn’t bad he has been in with some good English fighters. I know he brought them the distance, but I don’t see this going six to be honest.”

In keeping with the pacey progression theme Turner won’t take more than a week break after this clash and wants noting more than to be kept active over the next few months.

“It looks like two six rounders then a couple of eights for me, but I am ready for 10. I would do 10 rounds easy now, piece of piss, but that’s down the line.”

“I am just happy to be fighting and once this one is out of the way we will look at what is next.

“After this one I will take a week off and get straight back into training. I just want to be active, that is the thing for me. When I am not active I probably don’t eat or train like I should!.”


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