Tough choice for fight fans

31 October 2009 – By Cormac Campbell

The age-old adage of two buses coming along at once hits home for Irish boxing fans on November 6.

With two top class championship bills going head to head just 34 miles apart on the same night, fight fans will have to make the tough choice of which event to attend.

Whilst some would argue that it is great to be so spoilt for choice, others will speculate whether such market saturation will have long-term implications for the frequency of future promotions.

Make no mistake, we are in a major recession and promoters like any other business people need their products to stack up financially if they are to persevere. As such clashing promotions are bad for business. Yet we find ourselves in this situation.

It could prove to be damaging, but in this instance I am confident that both bills will sell well. After all, they are both competitive, keenly priced cards that could see two of our finest crowned champions. Both events feature proven ticket sellers and to some extent fans will be drawn from differing demographics.

From a fans point of view it is disappointing that we will be forced to miss one of the biggest nights in the year but crying into our collective milk will not make us happier.

The best advice I can give is to choose one bill and enjoy it. Hopefully you will see an Irish boxer crowned either European or Commonwealth champion.

Boxing bills may indeed be like buses just make sure you get on one.

Tickets for both bills are available from

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