Top Tips For Placing Bets On Boxing

Boxing is a sport that is an adrenaline filled ride, full of unpredictable moments. One person facing another with just their hands, it’s both primal, savage and extremely complicated at the same time – making it the absolute perfect sport for betting. 

When you’ve got your eye on the weekend’s fights and to smack a cheeky punt on a betting site in the UK, make sure you check out these tips before you lay down any of your hard earned money to help your chances.

Have discipline with your betting

This one goes for any type of betting you do, not just placing a bet down on the weekend’s boxing. You can get caught up in the action of a round and start to place wild bets, or even worse, lose some money and start trying to make up the loss with other bets.

Make sure you stick to a budget for your bets – something that you would be comfortable losing in case none of your bets come in thanks to a surprise knockout or stoppage. It also pays to focus on 1 or 2 fights and the different bets you can have in them. Whilst your odds won’t be as high as when you bet on every fight on one card, you’ll have more chances of winning and it’ll help you learn the ropes of online betting if you aren’t quite up to speed.

Geek up

You want to be knowledgeable in the sport and have a grasp on the stats of each fighter and the past records of each fight they have previously fought in. If you were to bet on say an Irish pro fight, then You’d want to get to grips with the standard information for the fight such as age, reach and height of each fighter, as well as previous records – both amateur and pro – coming into that particular fight. You’ve then got more advanced stats such as their overall career, the damage they’ve taken and the lifestyle of the fighter.

This kind of information can easily be found with some searches on the internet and doing your research on the fights you want to bet on. This research will pay dividends in your betting prowess over the long run, so make sure you geek up!

Know what you want to bet on

There’s a big difference in the style of betting depending on whether you want to bet on markets before the fight or whether you want to place some bets during the action.

Depending on which one you want to bet on will depend on the tactics and strategies you bet in in the fight. Whereas when you place your bets before a fight you’re going to have ample time to research and plan your bets, betting during the fight is a whole different ball game.

You’ll need to be constantly monitoring the odds and the fight itself as everything can change very quickly. The odds can get incredible and there’s almost nothing like the buzz of placing an in-fight bet but you have to have quick reflexes and great control.

Betting on live boxing

If you want to place bets mid round or in between rounds during a fight, you want to take some things into consideration. They include checking in to see if the fighter looks different in the physical sense, whether they look like they’re scared of the other fighter and more withdrawn, if they’re clearly hurt or have had a cut or even if one boxer is being too aggressive.

 All of these are things that come into play during the fight, and also affect the odds of each fighter or a certain result happening. You want to have a plan here as well, getting ready to play certain bets if certain things happen during the fight. Remember – stay disciplined and don’t just throw on wild bets during the fight! 

On the topic of wild bets…

Wild and obscure bets

There is a whole strategy based around the odds involved if there’s an upset, or the favourite to win gets beat by an underdog. One of the greatest of all time was the then underdog Buster Doulas managing to beat Mike Tyson at the Tokyo Dome when he was in his prime for odds of 42-1.

Some people saw this outcome coming by going back to one of our earlier points – geeking up on research. These people had seen that Tyson had been doing too much partying and could see he was greatly underestimating Douglas. Tyson was 37-0 and expected to clean up in the fight – but the only ones who cleaned up were those who placed their bets on Douglas.

Some of the signs there could be an upset usually involve big news – such as a boxer and trainer parting ways, a missed weigh in for a previous fight, too much late night partying like Tyson or the clear favourite not taking their opponent seriously. 

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend always going for the underdog, if there are signs there could be an upset, it may well be worth placing a bet if the odds are good enough. As always, be responsible and do your research first though!


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