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Tony Browne admits he faces ‘the man to beat’ in the National Elite Championships tonight

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For so long it was Joe Ward, but Tony Browne claims the main man at 81kg’s is now Thomas O’Toole.

The St Michaels Inchicore fighter probably ran much decorated former Irish captain Ward closest in his dominate light heavyweight reign and as such could be deemed the man to take over the mantle.

However, he argues reigning champ O’Toole, who he faces in semi-final action in the National Stadium tonight is now head of the class as reigning champion.

“Listen Thomas O’Toole is the man to beat. He’s the senior champion so we will have a good fight now on Monday and I’m looking forward to it,” Browne told post his quarter-final win on Saturday night.

Tony Browne shined in 5-0 decision over a tough opponent in Nosic. By his own admission started slowly, but was ultimately able to get the job done comfortably.

“I probably didn’t even get going properly until the third round but still managed to get the job done, but a win in the elites is always good and that’s all that matters”.

Browne, who caught Nosic with a lovely shot in the second round which stumbled his foe, admitted to being caught by the fact the southpaw came out and fought orthodox for the entire fight.

However the experienced operator, who could just be involved in the toughest of the weight classes in this years Liffey Crane Hire National Elite Championships wasn’t overly keen to reflect. Browne was in look forward mode.

“It’s all focus on the next round” he added with a smile, a round which will see him face Thomas O’Toole in what promises to be a cracking contest.

Browne case is an interesting one. Just as he was establishing himself as a noted light heavy he made the move to heavyweight.

Presumably feeling he had little chance of persuading the High Performance Team that he should be the man chosen to represent Ireland ahead of Ward on the International stage he moved up in a bid to secure his Toyko ticket.

However, he is now back down at his natural weight and competes in a very competitive division.


Josh Reid McCabe

Boxing fanatic, part-time writer for the Star newspaper Email