Tips For Handicapping Your Boxing Betting Odds

There is simply no denying that boxing remains one of the most exciting sports around. And, this is because it is not only a hard-hitting sport, but it is one where a lot of betting action can take place. Just look at the numerous bets that you can place. You can bet on which fighter is going to win, you can bet on how the fighter will win, and you can even bet on the round that the fighter will win in. These are just a few examples of the betting action available with boxing, but in order to take advantage of this action, you need to understand how to handicap the boxing odds in your favor.

Understand The Styles And Stances

The first thing you have to understand is that fighters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only this, but they fight differently. Some fighters go in a head down and swinging for the fences right at the ring of the bell, while some fighters take a more cautious approach. Some boxers will depend on their speed, while others will rely on their strength. Whatever the situation is, you need to understand what each fighter brings to the table and how they match up against other fighting styles. For instance, a speedier fighter is going to out punch a power puncher, gaining more points and the eventual win, but there is always that chance of connecting with a big power punch.

Knowing each boxer’s style and how to contrast them against their component will help you when it comes to placing bets.

Factor In The Weight And Reach

You already know that fighters range from small to large. This is why boxing has one of the most versatile weight classes in the sports world. Mixed martial arts and kickboxing might only offer a few weight classes, but boxing has tons. Not only this, but fighters are constantly moving up and down in weights to gain titles and recognition. When you are placing boxing bets with poker deposit pulsa, you must consider the weight and reach of the fighters.

Fighters that had a hard time making weight are obviously going to be at a disadvantage when fight night arrives. Fighters with a shorter reach are always going to be at a disadvantage as well because they will have to come in to hit their opponent, while their opponent can just sit out the outside and pop shot them. These are all factors that need to be factored into your overall decision.

Ring Rust And Injuries

Boxing is an extremely physical sport, so it is not uncommon for a fighter to experience injuries. Sometimes such injuries can sideline fighters for weeks, months, or even years. It is never a good thing when a champion gets seriously injured because he or she will be out for months and years while the division just sits on its thumbs. Of course, these types of situations make for good come back fights, but bettors have to be very cautious when placing these types of bets. Know where a fighter stands physically and mentally before placing any bet.

Jonny Stapleton contributor for 15 years and editor for the past decade. Have been covering boxing for over 16 years and writing about sport for a living for 19 years. Former Assistant Sports editor for the Gazette News Paper Group and former Tallaght Voice Sports Editor. Have had work published in publications around the world when working as a freelance journalist. Also co-founder of Junior Sports Media and Leinster Rugby PRO of the Year winner. email: [email protected]