Tims in demand- turns down a fight with Troy Ross

By Jonny Stapleton

HE MAY not have impressed the judges enough to win the EU title when he challenged Juho Haapoja in Finland last week, but Ian Tims did seem to make an impression on number of European promoters.

The Irish Cruiserweight champion lost out on points in a European title fight he feels he won, but his display alone could ensure bigger fights in the future.

Indeed European big gun Sauerland has already contacted the Dubliners team and offered them a fight with Canadian Cruiserweight Troy Ross.

The fighter himself wanted the clash, but his coach Pascal Collins believes the fight scheduled for February would prove to soon especially since Tims delayed an arm operation to get fight in Finland.

“Timsey was very unlucky to loose in Finland. I thought he won the fight. He might not have won, but he impressed a lot of people over there,” Collins told www.irish-boxing.com “Sauerland Promotions already contacted us about fighting Troy Ross in Germany, which is another big fight, but it proved too soon. Timsey wanted it, but I think it is best if gets the arm operation out of the way. There are big fights for him there now and we are talking to Frank (Warren) about getting involved with Ian too.”

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