The Show Must Go On: IPBA promise to try again

JUNE 17 Jonny Stapleton

The man who was running the by now infamous Galway card in conjunction with the IPBA, Chris Rock says this weeks fight night may have falling through but the show will go on.

Rock is doing his best to remain optimistic and is quoting the ‘what ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ adage.

The first time promoter is obviously disappointed, but believes the in the ethos behind the new style show-which sees the boxers share all profits-and is confident the IPBA will run a show again.

Indeed, Rock says the Galway show will be rescheduled and is adamant things will run smoother next time out.

Rock claims the IPBA and their shows may be on their sick bed, but they are not dead yet.

“We will definitely continue and run more shows. It is a case of learning the lessons and coming back stronger. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger as they say, and we are definitely not dead. Something will be put in motion very soon. A meeting will be held at the weekend and we will discuss matters in relation to the future,” Rock told
The Western promoter revealed the fall down of the Irish title fight and Colm Keane’s withdrawal was the straw that finally broke the shows back. The new promoter didn’t want to give the fans a show that didn’t live up to the initial billing.

“I decided to call things to a head all that with the withdrawal of Colm Keane on Monday evening. Loosing the Irish title fight was also a huge blow. It meant a show we had promised to so many couldn’t be delivered. Its hard to make a decision like that but the sport is so niche that the fans happiness it paramount. A bad show would be way worse than no show in my opinion.”

Rock also took time for those who gave of theirs and claimed the show had more supporters than detractors.
“People did get behind the show and everyone that I asked for help did more than their duty both in the media , pro boxing and in the governing body. I would like to thank all those who helped out especially all the boxers , Ken Moore Tom Ward and all those in St Nicholas boxing club who provided sparring sessions.”

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