The Irish Prizefighter Eight Campaign-Help Hearn Pick the Eight

Comment Below and Help Matchroom decide what Irish fighters should be on the proposed May 5 Irish Middleweight Prizefighter

Prizefighter fever has gripped Ireland.

Ever since Eddie Hearn announced on Irish Boxing Radio that he was planning an all Irish middleweight version of the knockout, knockout tournament an epidemic has spread rapidly.

Worst effected are the fighters and their teams as they clamour and do everything in their power to ensure the Matchroom boss doesn’t just scribble their names on the potential list, but prints it on the official Prizefighter roll.

Certain super middleweights and even light heavyweights have been spotted at Weight watchers. Those of the light middleweight persuasion have be seen dinning out over the week, and not in fancy restaurants for Valentines Day, rather eatery’s of the fast food variety.

Those campaigning at the weight already, have been campaigning for the Prizefighter selection team’s vote. They promise action and excitement with the same passion and verve as a pre election politician promises tax cuts. Ticket selling isn’t a problem for them either! They claim it comes as natural as throwing a stiff jab.

Fight fans have also been sticking their significant ore in. Keyboard Warriors, from respected online boxing general’s to cannon fodder pawns, have been compiling their likely lists, their desired lists and various other catalogues under numerous headings.

Hearn confirmed he has 16 names on his Prizefighter shopping list, but before he decreases it to eight is willing to increase it to any number to ensure he gets the right blend for the show. Indeed the promoter Grandmothers love to love is open to input and encouraged fighters, fight fans and anyone with a voice to get in touch if they have a suggestion for the proposed May 5 show.

We here at plan to make life easier for the promoter, who looks after Carl Frampton and Paul McCloskey, and to give a an equal voice to the fighters desiring a spot on the Sky Sports Broadcast show.

We have begun the Prizefighter Irish Eight campaign. A one stop shop for all fans and fighters put forward their views. Let Hearn know who you think should be on the card. Demonstrate to the promoter fighters fans base. Suggest names that have been left out.

Have your say COMMENT BELOW. Give us your ideal Irish middleweight Prizefighter Eight. Let the Promoter know why you think certain fighters should be on the bill.








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