Hatton: I wouldn’t Jepordise Frampton against Quigg yet

By Jonny Stapleton

Ricky Hatton thinks it is too soon for Carl Frampton to be put in with British belt holder Scott Quigg stressing the domestic dust up could‘jepordise’ the Commonwealth champion’s progress.

The majority of Irish fight pundits and fans believe the Belfast fighter stole a march on his domestic nemesis with his sensational one punch knock out of Kris Hughes last month.

The rangy Hughes, who was sent crashing out of the York Hall ring by the Jackal, was untroubled by the power of Jamie Arthur in previous Commonwealth title meeting, yet Arthur had Quigg flirting with the canvas for the second time in his career last time out.

That may indicate the British champion should be wary about fighting the Barry McGuigan’s protege, but former world champ Hatton thinks his charge would prove to experienced for the undefeated Tigers Bay native.

Indeed the promoter, who has just signed Belfast teenager Ryan Burnett, has warned Team Frampton against pursuing the fight they are open about  wanting.

“I think its too soon for Quigg and Frampton. The Frampton story keeps getting bigger, but he only has 12 fights. He is only going to get better, but whether they like to hear it or not Scott Quigg is ahead of him experience wise. He has double the fights and fought better opposition. Do you want to jeopardise the talent that is Carl Frampton and put him in with Quigg. I personally wouldn’t but that is up to his team,” Hatton claimed on Ringside last week.


The super bantemweight’s most recent showings would suggest it is Quigg’s progress that might falter if the pair met, but British great Hatton believes the Bury fighter will be better for his Arthur experience.


“I cant say i am disappointed with what happen because by the time I fought at pound for pound level I had cuts, I had been down, I had been given one round to win, I had gone through everything possible. This thicks another box for Scott. I see it as a positive. It reminds me when i fought Eammon Magee. People were getting excited and throwing my name out as a possible world champion. You can take your  eye of the prize and you need to be put on the seat of your pants to get you focused again.”

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