Steward: Lee not Macklin should fight Chavez

By Jonny Stapleton

Legendary boxing trainer Emmanuel Steward has urged Lou DiBella to put Andy Lee and not fellow Irish middleweight Matthew Macklin in with WBC Diamond world champion Sergio Martinez on March 17.

The Kronk Gym founder is ‘upset’ the Limerick Southpaw has been over looked for DiBella

Macklin set to fight Sergio Martinez on March 17

Entertainment stable mate Macklin.

Indeed Steward, who has trained over 20 world champions, believes the Irish Olympian has earned his world title tilt and claims Team Martinez have picked ’Mack The Knife’ as they believe he is the easier option.

The hall of Fame inductee says the fighter deemed the best middleweight on the planet fears Lee and knows he, unlike fellow Irishman Macklin, has the potential to put paid to any Martinez. Julio Chavez Jr mega bout.

“I’m so upset about this. I know the fight with Macklin hasn’t been finalized yet, but the Andy Lee/Sergio Martinez match-up is a fight that HBO has been cultivating over the past year. Andy has appeared as Sergio’s co-main event in both of his network dates this year,” Steward revealed to EastSide Boxing.

“Andy deserves the fight with Martinez, but they want the easier fight with Macklin. They see the obvious dangers in fighting a big strong fighter like.”

Promoter of all three middleweights, Lou DiBella has been expressed his desire to put Lee or Macklin in with his world champ on St Patricks Day since late last year.

Limerick southpaw Lee seemed to hold Martinez pole  up an until Macklin’s brilliant display against WBA strap holder Felix Sturm prompted DiBella to sign the Brian Peters promoted fighter.

Macklin was set to sign a deal before the turn of the year, but the WBC made Chavez Jr.

mandatory challenger for the Argentine. DiBella has since attacked the son of Mexian legend an accused him of trying to avoid the Pound for Pound number 3. However, Steward acussed DiBella of double standards.

“To reward another relative unknown fighter with a Championship opportunity makes Sergio Martinez look bad. It makes him look like he is taking the easier fight with Macklin so that he doesn’t ruin a potential match-up with Chavez Jr. Andy would give Sergio the toughest fight he’s ever had as a Middleweight. He knows this. This is why I think they seem to be choosing the easier fight. They are doing the exact same thing that they’re accusing Chavez Jr. of doing.”

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