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Spike: Chris Eubank Jr hides under the covers when he hears my name

GARY ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan believes he is Chris Eubank Jr’s bogey man.

The Cork middleweight claims he gives the son of British fight legend Chris Eubank nightmares and accused the unbeaten 24 year old of running scared.

O’Sullivan had previously targeted a bout with a fighter he labels ‘the mouth’, but starts an American adventure when he fights in Boston this Thursday night, meaning a clash with Eubank Jr looks less likely.

However, Sullivan has a fight gra for the talented prospect and claims if things work out Stateside and he does eventually collect a title he would love to defend against the English puncher in Cork.

“Chris Eubank Jr is extremely arrogant and thinks he is better than he is. He is living off his father’s name. He is afraid of me. He has called everyone going out, but as soon as I am mentioned he is hiding under his bed covers. I would love nothing more than to shut him up,” said ‘Spike’.

“The connection with Pascal Collins, brother of Steve Collins, being my trainer also adds a bit of spice. Me being from Cork where Steve beat his Dad makes it all the more interesting. In an ideal World if I win in America on Thursday, then maybe a fight or two down the line get a shot at Kid Chocolate, who I think is made for me, claim the title and give Chris the first defence in Cork.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years