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Slick Vic cruises to victory in Valencia

It was a five-star performance for Victor Rabei tonight as he outclassed his opponent Hermin Isava to win a comfortable unanimous decision.

This was Rabei’s first fight in over a year as he hasn’t fought since Summer 2019. Injury and the pandemic have stunned his progress over the last couple of months but he was no doubt happy to be back in the ring tonight and it showed.

There were no signs of cobwebs from Rabei as he oozed confidence in the very first round of the fight with slick head movement and immaculate footwork as he transitioned from Orthodox to Southpaw as well as the occasional showboating.

It was almost a mismatch from the offset as Rabei controlled the tempo of the fight almost toying with his opponent by pinning him up against the ropes. His quick footwork and fast jabs were too much for Isava which could be seen early on.

The 2nd round was much like the first with the Irishman timing everything to perfection as he controlled the fight at his own pace with ease. His opponent could not get close to him and this was the story of the 3rd round also with Rabei’s tempo only rising.

The 4th round was another easy round for Rabei as he made his opponent miss with most shots due to his quick movement. He landed strong body shots as well as great combinations to really tire his opponent.

Round five was his most dominant yet as he dropped Isava with a beautiful left hook that left him on the canvas to receive a standing eight count. He stalked Isava after this, but you have to give credit to him for surviving the round after the pressure he sustained after that knockdown.

The 6th round was a much slower round as both fighters appeared cautious and almost content with the way the fight was going to finish. Isava was a defeated man as everything he tried failed. Rabei continued with his slick style picking off his opponent with shots until the final bell.

A unanimous decision for Victor Rabei was more than deserving as he was dominant in every round. He now moves to 9-0 and will be looking to hit double figures very soon.

He’ll be hoping to make his star boxing debut soon as well which he was promised along with a ranking title fight in America by the New York promotional outfit. When he will be able to travel to America remains unclear but he will no doubt make an impact when he gets the chance.