Sinky Says

20 July 2009 – By Neil Sinclair

Sinky Says is back. Ive missed it and a lot of you seem to have missed it as well. People have been asking me on the streets where Ive been – so Im glad to be back.

The last time I wrote was just before the Henry Coyle fight in May. I was focussed and training was going really well. I was looking good in sparring. John Breen and Eamonn Magee were saying that in the press and that put pressure on me to perform. So it was a weight off my shoulders after the fight when I could call myself Irish champion. Id won the Irish title as an amateur and now I have won it as a professional – to go alongside the British title. I now want to go on a win more belts before calling it a day.

It was fantastic. Id waited more than six years to put on that kind of performance again. I never gave up hope that I could reproduce performances like that. I was patient and it came back. I got a rush after the fight and couldnt resist jumping on the corner posts.

In June myself and Martin Rogan were invited to go to Palestine and train kids who had never boxed before. It was very educational and fascinating. The problems they have out there are quite similar to the problems we have had and possibly still have here. We trained kids in three different towns, three times a day for three days each. There are no real opportunities over there for those kids, which is sad. I may go out again.

Since Ive come back there has been talk of a fight with John Duddy. I havent challenged him and he hasnt challenged me but it would be a great fight and if it came off I would be more than happy to accommodate him. A fight with Duddy or James Moore could happen if it makes financial sense for both camps. Watch this space.

Those fights would bring me back in to the limelight. I got great press after beating Coyle but you dont always believe your own press and have to keep your feet on the ground so Ive been back ticking over in the gym and am ready to go in September or early October. Before Coyle it was 11 months since I fought and it was too long. Its now or never no long breaks between fights.

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