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20 February 2010 – By Neil Sinclair

The draw for Prizefighter has been made and I will be renewing acquaintances with my old rival Bradley Pryce next Friday.

I stopped Bradley in a British title defence at the Odyssey a few years back so it will be interesting coming head to had to head with him again.

Were gonna get it on cos we dont get along! Only joking! I was over in London last week doing promotional work for Sky ahead of the bill and I was talking to all eight of the boxers as well as the two substitutes and they were all cracking lads. We all did the head to heads and it was a long day but I enjoyed being in that mix being back in the big time. It was surreal because everyone was getting on so well. Bradley was the first person I spoke to when I got there. We shook fans and had a chat.

Obviously next week it will be a different kettle of fish and well be trying to knock each others blocks off.

Prizefighter is a great shop window because a lot of people who watch it arent regular boxing fans so it brings in a new audience.

Friday was my last day of sparring and I felt really good. Thats another training camp over. Next week it will just be a case of shadow boxing, skipping a bit, watching my weight and getting plenty of rest and getting mentally prepared.

Im really excited about it.

On a separate note Bernard Dunne announced his retirement this week.

He could have carried on because he still has so much to offer but I think it could be a good move. He has obviously thought long and hard about it and has a lot of options for what he does after he leaves the sport in terms of the media side of things. He is a bright kid, who has achieved everything and has earned well.

He is certainly not a shot fighter, but he can go out relatively near the top having won his world title.

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