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Show me the money 2016

Tony-BellewWe’re back baby!!!!

To all my loyal readers – thanks to all of you who sent me nice messages after we made a few quid for Christmas. Apologies I haven’t been able to post any articles lately but that is a thing of the past, fear not, we’ll be rolling in the moulah soon!!!!

We have lots of boxing on this weekend and we’ll find some juicy bets to get the fund off to a great start this year. The first place to go is off to Scotland for the Ricky Burns card. First up we have the uber-Irish prospect Tommy McCarthy. I’ve been following him closely and really think he’s got a chance to make it. I am surprised to see them throw him in with someone as good as Lewis Dickinson this early but it shows the confidence they have in him. They have one common opponent who McCarthy beat but Lewis Dickinson lost to. It may go a while but big Tommy will come through

I have a soft spot for classy stylists and that’s what Tyrone Nurse is. The problem is he couldn’t crack an egg with his punches so can’t keep big punchers off him. He gets rocked and then loses his rhythm. Thankfully he’s fighting Willie Limond who is a carbon copy apart from he couldn’t crack an egg with a sledgehammer (doubt he could lift it!!!). Limond’s good but Nurse is younger and faster so will win on points.

Ricky Burns may be a bit lucky to be a two time world champ and really lucky if he makes it three tonight but it’s hard not to like his attitude and everyone in boxing has a soft spot for him. Just as in the main event tomorrow were dealing with a British boxer we’ve seen many times against a challenger we’ve never seen live (this is what makes boxing betting tricky but that’s why I’m here to help!). We can either take Di Rocco’s record at face value and say Burns is over the hill, or we take Ricky’s last few fights as signs of recovery and see that Di Rocco’s record is more padded than a winter duvet. I’m going to risk that Burns has still enough at this level. He will probably lose the first few rounds but he has a tremendous engine so should come back to claim a points victory.

It’s very unusual to have a boxing card on a Sunday night but that’s what we have live from Goodison Park tomorrow. When you go through the card it’s Liverpool fighters against a bunch of no-hopers you’ve never seen before and will never see again. I’m not going to even bother trying to recommend anything out of that mess so straight to the main event. I have to admit Bellew is comedy gold with his statements and I love watching him. He’s right up against it against the fearsome Makubu who lost his first fight in 30 seconds, then won his last 19 with 18 cries of “Tiiimmmbbeeer”. On paper this looks a nightmare match up for Bellew who usually has a good chin but got folded up like an accordion against superman Stevenson. I should say Makubu will win but something about the fight being in Goodison where Bellew won a world title in the Creed Movie (I had young Creed winning on points!)…I just think that the crowd will roar him to victory and he will win a world title for real then go and try to unify against Denis Lebedev and get mangled.

We made over €300 on our 5 attempts last year so we’ll put €300 into our pot and we’ll at least aim for €1,000 for the Christmas pressies.

Let’s keep it simple this week for the first one and throw the 4 boys in together straight match betting which comes to 6/1 with Paddy Power. We’ll throw a crisp €50 onto it (remember I’m betting with profit so adjust your bets accordingly).

Best of luck for the season.

Fund now €250.