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Sheehan training with ‘The Son of God’ has spurred me on further

HE might be trying to take the bounce out of his in the ring step, but their is certainly a spring in Con Sheehan’s step when he finishing training in San Francisco.
The big heavyweight has traveled to Virgil Hunters gym as he starts pro life and he has upgraded from a ‘Breakfast Roll’ to none other than ‘The Son of God’ when it comes to training partners. Clonmel club mate Dean Gardiner and the like have now been replaced by Andre Ward, Amir Khan and Andre Berto has heavyweight gets down to business.
Working alongside fighters, who been there, done that, wore the belts has proved an ‘eye opener’ for the former Irish amateur stand out and heavyweight is using their attitude to the game as inspiration.
“I have been training along side some of the biggest names in the world like Andre Ward, Amir Khan, Andre Berto, and levan. Ghvamichava. Seeing how these guys train day in and out is a serious eye opener. You see the amount of hard work it takes to get to the top.  Training side by side with these guys makes me push myself harder everyday,” Sheenan told Irish-boxing.com.
“The first few weeks here have been tough, but great experience at the same time.  It’s a big change in lifestyle and big change from the amateurs in terms of training, but I’m really enjoying it and have learned a crazy amount in such short time.”
When Sheehan singed pro terms with NoWhere2Hyde March was touted as a possible debut month. The big man would certainly be cable using his amateur experience and talent to wrack a number of novice wins against journey man opposition, but Hunter wants him to do some learning in the gym before he does the on the job learning.
The regular senior champ is undergoing an eight week strength program and seems to be reliving in specific heavyweight training for the first time in his career. Sheenan also wants to make the biggest possible statement from the off and whats to be at his best from day one.
“We have been working on sitting down in punches and foot work we are trying to get rid of the bounce in my stance, which is taking some time. It’s almost like learning how to box all over again and trying to break old habits, also am in strength program too for 8 weeks.
“The main difference (from training back home) is I’m actually getting heavyweight training. I have never had specailised heavyweight training before. I am already seeing the benefits. The sessions are a lot longer than home and the attention to detail is much greater, focusing on the little things.
“It’s great to have a trainer standing over you watching everything from your shadow boxing to bag work and I think I have the best in the world in Virgil. It’s all repetition with him working constantly on a certain things until you can’t do it wrong any more. After that then he’ll move onto the next thing. There are no distractions here either I’m in either the gym or resting surrounded by boxing so my mind is constantly on the job,” he added before discussing a possible debut.
“I’ve no date yet. I was told soon as I got here I will be put into a strength and conditioning program for eight weeks before we start looking at a debut, which is perfect we are looking to make some noise from the get go so nothing is been rushed.”


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