Shannonsider McCormack O’Shea looking to bring boxing back to Limerick

Graham McCormack O’Shea [1(0)-0] believes he would pack a venue out in Limerick if given the chance.

The light middleweight fights for just the second time as a pro in February 17th in Waterford and, like most fighters not from Dublin or Belfast, the fight location has got him thinking.

The southpaw is more than happy to be out again and to be fighting in Waterford on the inaugural Ring Kings card, but seeing a rare fight night outside the capital and the current capital of Irish-boxing has got him thinking of a homecoming.

The crowd the Limerick man brought to his debut, not to mention the backing he has received from the local press suggests there is support and backing for the Eddie Hyland-trained pro novice.

The fighter himself believes the first Limerick fight night since the memorable Willie Casey v Paul Hyland European title fight would be something special.

“The support I have from home is just amazing, it makes it all worthwhile,” McCormack O’Shea told

“My whole town is behind me in a big way, which is great. The media here as well have been great to me. It’s just great to be on this journey for myself and my city. It would be great to get a show down in my hometown.”

“We would pack the place out no doubt in my mind,”

The boxing crooner’s second pro outing might not come in his hometown and despite the fact it takes place in his home province it remains quite a trek for his fans to take.

However, the fighter who split his training week between Dublin and Limerick still predicts a Limerick invasion.

“Waterford is great fighting city I’ve competed there a few times as an amateur. It’s still a long enough drive from Limerick but I am looking forward to bringing the Limerick army with me. I fully believe they will come with me no matter where I go.”

The Treaty City favourite was one of an astonishing 37 Irish fighters to debut in 2017 and is just one fight into his pro journey.

Considering he turned over with a victory over Richard Baba in December he is one of the county’s newest pro fighters, but he gets to trade leather for a second time as early as February.

The 30 year old is delighted to be out so soon after his debut and into the new year, but claims the early fight date didn’t ruin his Christmas – the turkey, ham and of course garlic chips were still had.

“I am absolutely delighted [to be out again]. Honestly I can’t wait to get back in there and learn some more. I love this sport so every opportunity I get I will take.I just have to shed the few pounds I gained eating ice cream and garlic chips over Christmas.”

Learning is something all the recent fighters to ditch the vest have talked about of late and McCormack O’Shea is no different.

However, after being caught cold and early in his debut, the Limerick puncher learnt as much about himself as he did about the game back in December.

The Boxing-Ireland fighter proved to himself he has the stomach for the fight and learnt he will have to control his own excitement levels moving forward.

Reflecting on his debut a fighter that just seems delighted to be involved in the sport added,

“When I look back, it taught me to relax a bit more. I was very excited when the music came on and my crowd started roaring. To be honest I kinda got lost in the moment and then I got caught with a few shots as we know.”

“But I showed that I have heart and I am happy with how i came back. As regards to the difference between the amateurs and pros they are massive. The pace in the pros is slower and we are in there to hurt each other not pick points,” McCormack O’Shea continued before discussing his hopes for his next outing and 2018 in general.

“I am hoping for another tough opponent like my debut. He came to win and fight and I love to fight. I am back up in Dublin with Eddie [Hyland] at the moment. We are working on things so I am looking forward to getting in the ring on February 17th and showing the changes.”

“With regard to 2018 the plan is to take it fight at a time learn everytime I’m in the gym with Eddie and Tommy [McCormack] alongside my team-mates Darren [Cruise], Sean [Creagh] and Carl [McDonald]. I will take it from there then.”

“I just enjoy every minute of it so I keep it in the here and now. I am just 100% focused on putting on a great show on the 17th of February.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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