Sexton writes off ‘old banger’ Rogan

11 August 2009 – By Mark Doyle

Sam Sexton believes that dragging two-ton tractors around fields in Norfolk will prove the ideal preparation for his eagerly-awaited rematch with Martin Rogan.

Both Sextons stamina and conditioning were called into question after his controversial eighth-round technical knockout of Rogan in May.

Indeed, Sexton, despite dominating the majority of the preceding rounds, appeared out on his feet in the eighth and was only spared a stoppage defeat by an incredible show of sportsmanship from Rogan, who remarkably opted to call on the ref to stop the fight rather than finish the job himself with another flurry of punches.

That decision, while admirable, ultimately cost Rogan his Commonwealth title as, moments later, Parris, on the advice of the ringside doctor, called a halt to the proceedings because of the severity of the swelling around the Belfast eye.

Rogan has already stated that he has learned his lesson and will not be showing Sexton any mercy when they meet for a second time, in Belfast on October 9.

However, Sexton believes that his novel training regime will ensure that fitness will not be an issue for him in the rematch.

“I had a bit of a shaky eighth round, but my new strength and conditioning programme means that won’t happen again,” said Sexton.

“The only way Rogan was going to win this fight was if I ran out of steam, but that’s now gone out of the window.

“He can’t out-box me, he can’t out-punch me and now he can’t out-last me, so he might as well call it quits now.

“Pulling tractors around has been perfect preparation for beating Rogan again. They are just like him – powerful machines with a big engine, but ultimately cumbersome, very slow and liable to clap out at any minute.

“The last tractor I was working with really reminded me of Martin because it was a right old banger.

“Believe me, the wheels will really be falling off for Martin when I out box him again. There’s no way that Commonwealth title is going back to Belfast.”

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