Sean McComb: ‘I will still be Commonwealth champion’

Belfast’s Sean McComb [11(5)-0] wasn’t in Dubai a full week before he received a message from MTK’s Jamie Conlan, breaking the news that his upcoming fight is once again postponed due to new UK travel restrictions.

The silky southpaw was due to tangle with Welshman, Gavin Gwynne [12(2)-2(1)] for the lightweight Commonwealth title on January 22nd before it was pushed forward to February 6th in Dubai.

Speaking to McComb said: “I just laughed when Jamie (Conlan) told me the news.

“What can you do? I got my health, I got all my teeth, there’s nothing else I can do.

“I immediately just put the fight to the back of my head and just looked forward to seeing the child and Dearbhlá.”

The former Holy Trinity boxer had to leave his one-week-old baby to jet off to Dubai for what should have been his first title fight.

“I felt very guilty” added McComb. “Even though I was away for work reasons, I just felt so bad but so appreciative for Dearbhlá holding the fort back home.

“But this is the life I chose, we knew it was going to be hard and nothing has really changed, I’m still going to be Commonwealth champion.”

The lively lightweight credits his calm and undeviating mindset to his experience as a top level amateur.

“The experience of amateur boxing helped me psychologically.

“I would advise all upcoming boxers to get as much experience as possible in the amateurs before turning professional.