Sean Creagh already offered another all-Irish fight

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Sean Creagh‘s pride may have been dented by defeat to Tyrone McKenna in Belfast, but his career prospects seem to be stronger than ever.

The Tallaght light welter was pulled out against the Belfast talent and left the Titanic Conference Centre. While he proved game in the ring, some people questioned the logic of him jumping through the levels to take such a fight in what was just his fifth fight.

‘Creaghzy Horse’ however was keen accentuate the positives when speaking to and revealed that he has already has had an offer to fight another Irish contender.

Indeed, the Dubliner still has more all-Irish fight aspirations, and hopes that he can one day win an Irish title.

“Frank Stacey was already on the phone asking me to fight Jake Hanney, that shows taking or losing that fight wasn’t that bad,” explained Creagh, who now holds a 4(2)-1(1) record.

“I had to knock it back because of injury [a bicep tear sustained in the McKenna fight], but they wanted it as a four rounder I wouldn’t accept it over four rounds. Jake and myself is an eight round or ten round fight. It’s the same as me and Shortty [Stephen Carroll].”

“I think all three of us are finished with the four round fights to be fair. Jake and myself or Me v Shortty are big fights in Dublin and I am definitely game for them in the New Year.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)


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