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Ryan O’Rourke shines in Spain with stunning performance

The Silent Assassin Ryan O’Rourke lived up to his hype yet again with another dominant performance against Sonni Martinez to move to 4-0.

In what was a breathtaking six-round contest in Valencia, O’Rourke’s control and power were enough for him to come out of this as the clear winner with a very powerful display in his first six-round bout.

His control of the centre of the ring and strong jabs in the first round gave a clear indicator of what was to come. The 2nd round was where the tempo really kicked up a notch with the fight turning much more physical with both fighters trading blows.

This was a much messier round for both fighters as they began to loosen up and throw more shots than the first round. O’Rourke had Martinez backing up onto the ropes with his intensity which caused him to hold on quite a lot.

The 3rd and 4th rounds were very similar with both fighters continuing to slug it out in the mid-rounds. O’Rourke stood out from these encounters with some heavy punches and brilliant slips. His ring control was top notch as he didn’t look like a man who has been out of the ring for months.

The 5th round was a much more one-sided affair with O’Rourke really putting the pressure on his opponent by pinning him up against the ropes and landing heavy shots. It became clear who the stronger fighter was the longer this fight went on as O’Rourke showed no signs of slowing, as Martinez began to run out of gas.

The final round was almost identical to the 5th with O’Rourke dominating his opponent as he tired by pressuring him continuously. This was the Irishman’s first time going six rounds, and he did so with ease. He could have gone 10 rounds with the same intensity he looked that good.

There was no doubt when O’Rourke’s hand was raised after the final bell with a decision win to pick up his 4th win of 2020. He still wants to have one more fight before the year’s end after starting off the year with three fights in under three months.

The future is very bright for this 21-year-old fighter and will no doubt have a very big 2021.