Rogie back with Breen?

1 October 2010 – Jonny Stapleton

Martin Rogan returns from injury as a rejuvenated Iron Man in Limerick on November 6 and claims he has the balls of steel to become the first Irish born heavyweight champion of the World.

The former Belfast cabbie, who now has a titanium rod in his neck, fights for the first time in over a year on the under card of Kiko Martinez and Willie Caseys continental clash and claims his return bout will launch a new and exciting career path.

Along with his new manager Brian Peters, Rogan, who revealed before his operation he was just once punch away from being paralysed, is planning an assault on boxing biggest prize.

Rogan has slated the state of the heavy weight division at present and claimed he deserves a world title shot ahead of the man he already defeated, Audley Harrison.

The 39 year old also vigorously refuted claims that age and fitness might hamper his European and World title ambitions.

I am calling myself the Iron Man from here on in because I have added steel and resolve, Irish boxing biggest character said in the Mirror.

This age thing nothing to me. I am fit and fresh and ready for a new start. For me if you have a good head, plenty of heart and a big pair down below you can achieve what you want. I am prepared to go through walls to get the European and World titles. I am back in the gym 100 per cent healthy and I cant wait to start with the second part of my career now.

The inaugural Prizefighter winner might be singing from the out with the old in with the new hymn sheet, but there is one bit of his past he would like to be part of his new regime.

Rogan claims he would be willing to sit down and talk about returning to John Breens gym in Belfast.

I would sit down with John and talk. I owe John a lot and in fairness we did a lot for each other. I think Breens Gym is the best in the country. I have no problem with John and he knows why I left.

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