Rogan wants knockout display

14 April 2009 – By Mark Doyle

Martin Rogan says he will be going looking for a spectacular KO when he collides with Sam Sexton in Belfast next month.

After claiming the Commonwealth heavyweight title with a thrilling 11th-round stoppage of Matt Skelton in February, The Entertainer has his sights set on securing a world title shot by the end of the year.

However, Rogan knows that he will look good against his fellow Prizefighter winner Sexton if he is to advance his claims.

“Everyone in Ireland is behind me at the moment, but I don’t think I’ve convinced everyone over on the mainland how good I am, so I’m aiming for a spectacular KO win over Sexton to keep the ball rolling towards a world title fight later this year, he declared.

And Rogan has come up with a novel idea to aid his preparations for his May 15 clash with Sexton: he wants to take on the best that the world of wrestling has to offer as a number of WWE superstars are set to arrive in Belfast later this month for Wrestlemania Revenge.

“I need some sparring ahead of my clash with Sexton, so those wee wrestling boys will be perfect,” he declared.

“But I’m not sure they will last too long with me – they’re just a bunch of Hollywood wannabes in tights with fake tans.

“I’ll give Kane a good caning and make William Regal look like a pauper.

“I’ll take them on one at a time or all together – they can even have one of their tag team events if they want.

“They all talk a good game, but they wouldn’t last five minutes if they came down the gym with me.

“The only wrestler I ever liked as a kid was ‘Big Daddy’, but as far as I’m concerned I’m ‘The Daddy’.”

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