Rogan-Sexton II postponed

09 September 2009 – By Mark Doyle

Martin Rogans rematch with Sam Sexton at the Odyssey has been put back until November 6.

Rogan, who recently split with long-time trainer John Breen, had been scheduled to go toe-to-toe with Sexton for a second time on October 9 but The Entertainer injured his back in training earlier this week, prompting a four-week postponement.

Englishman Sexton claimed Commonwealth heavyweight title with a controversial eighth-round TKO over Rogan at the same venue in May and he believes that the former champion is running scared.

“What Rogan is doing is only delaying the inevitable which is another victory for me, the Norwich native said.

“As the champion I have gone beyond the call of duty to accommodate Rogan to the point of going back to the challenger’s back yard for him to try and get his old title back.

“I’ve also heard him make certain allegations against me that were unjust and uncalled for at the press conference which I would ask he rectify.

“It’s common knowledge that he has had a change of camp and trainer, which I can’t understand. If he was so sure he won the last fight then why change what was not wrong?

“He has four weeks to mend his injured back and then face me again on a level platform and we both have the chance to put right any wrongs.

“I am in prime condition and I need to keep active so he needs to make sure this four weeks are used wisely.”

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