Rogan: Chisora-Haye’s childish antics could open Klitschko doors

By Jonny Stapleton

MARTIN Rogan criticised fellow heavyweights David Haye and Derek Chisora’s much publicised German antics, but believes the infamous post press conference fight and slap gate could put him back on the world title path.

On the same night as Brit Chisora was challenging world champion Vitali Klitschko, Rogan officially announced a fight with giant heavyweight Tyson Fury.

And the ‘Iron Man’ believes if he beats the World top ten ranked heavyweight he could place himself in Klitschko and subsequently world title pole.

Rogan thinks British fighters Haye and Chisora ruined their chances of facing either of the German based Ukrainians again- and is aware Fury has long been linked with the dominate brothers.

“I have the key to get back into contention in my hand now. The Klitschko’s won’t want to fight Haye or Chisora again. Tyson Fury has been linked with them more than once so if I beat him its only natural I am an option,” Rogan exclusively  told  Mirror Sport.

Rogan: I smack talk but i don't smack out of th ring

Belfast veteran Rogan has had plenty of public spats with Fury over the last six months. Indeed he gate-crashed Fury’s Belfast press conference, but he claims he would never resort to exchanging anything other than verbal blows until he gets in the ring.

The former Commonwealth champion has respect for his next foe and stressed there will be no Chisora style antics when he goes head to head with Manchester based fighter of Antrim decent.

“There is no animosity between me and Tyson. We did have a few back and forts. He said I missed the boat and I told him I am the captain. We have shook hands. We are grown men and put it to bed. I wouldn’t lower myself to the antics of the weekend. Ok I can get under my opponents skin sometimes but I would never bring it that extreme. I would never spit at or slap anyone. I will fight Tyson in the ring and shake his hand after no matter what the result.”

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