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Ricky Hatton ready to become ‘the figure head’ of Irish boxing

He was a fighter loved across the world, idolised in Britain and nigh-on worshiped in Manchester, but ‘The Hitman’ now wants to become Ireland’s promotional big hitter.

Hatton ready to fight Irish boxing's corner
Hatton ready to fight Irish boxing’s corner

Former World champion Ricky Hatton plans to become a significant name on the Irish fight scene, indeed he wants to become the figurehead in Irish pugilism.

Hatton, who trains and promotes since retiring, has teamed up with Frank Stacey and FS Promotions and brings boxing to Dublin on June 25th.

That stacked National Stadium fight night, which Hatton and co were promoting in Westside Boxing gym in Tallaght on Monday afternoon, has more prospects than stars, but Hatton wants to provide a platform for those fighters to grow without having to sign with promoters off this shores.

The boxing legend, who is loved as much as he is respected, also wants to become a go-to man for big names, the Eddie Hearn of these shores and is confident he can arrest the ‘crime’ of Irish fighters been forced to travel to succeed- something it said is very common outside of Belfast.

“You have Cyclone Promotions here and they have only got going, but you look at Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn and people don’t have that option in Ireland,” Hatton told Irish-boxing.com.

“The talent is certainly here, but people like Andy Lee had to go to America to build his name. There is no promoter going big in Ireland and when you think of the talent the country is turning out that is a bit of a crime,” he added before expressing a desire to become the promotional go to man in Ireland.

“Hopefully when any talent in Ireland does come through I will be the one the come too because we can offer the chance to build from home and in front of their own fans. Everyone wants to go to Eddie Hearn in England, obviously he has Sky, but we can try get TV when we get a big talented stable, hopefully we can be like that here in Ireland. “

Such a project will take time, but Hatton and FS Promotions are looking long term, hence why the former IBF and WBA World champ believes ‘The Future’ title for his first show in Ireland is apt.

“I think the title of this show ‘The Future’ sums up what I really want to do in Ireland.

“I would like to be along with Frank Stacey’s help to be the figure head for Irish boxing. Hopefully this show (June 25th) will be the first of many shows. A lot of fighters seem to be only getting one or two fights a year and I think a lot of Irish fans would like regular shows.

“I am delighted to be here, I always had wonderful fan base in Ireland and I am looking forward to bigger and better things for Irish boxing.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years