Recent foe admits Taylor is the best in the world

World rated Norwegian lightweight Ingrid Egner  joined the ‘Katie Taylor is the best female fighter on the planet’ brigade last weekend.

The Irish favourite is widely touted as pound for pound greatest female boxer in the world, but having shared the ring with Taylor, the three time European medallist’s opinion is more valid than most.
The Norwegian champ lost to the three time World and five time European gold medallist, Tyalor in her home town of Bray last weekend and used words like fast, explosive and technical to describe her defeater.

“She’s extremely fast,” said the Norwegian afterwards. “I think she is the most explosive female amateur boxer at this time and she’s very technical, a big talent. It’s my opinion she is the best amateur boxer, if you consider all weight categories.”

“She’s the most explosive and she’s the fastest girl out there and she’s also very strong and hits very hard. She’s very talented.” But can she win a gold medal in London? “I think it’s a big chance,” she added smiling.

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