Knocked down Ray Moylette proud to prove “fighting spirit”

Most fighters carry an invincible air, a self confidence that almost makes you think they are superhuman and incapable of real pain.

However, deep down you know they all wonder what level of power they can resist. Ray Moylette [6(2)-0] doesn’t quite say he wondered as to the durability of his chin – and there has never been any proof in a stellar amateur career that he was susceptible to power -but he admits he had thought about how he would react to being put on the seat of his pants.

Having been dropped for the first time in America on Saturday night, he know has the answer to that questions – and it’s an answer he is more than happy with.

Moylette got up off the floor to defeat Donte Bryant, a fighter he warned could be dangerous, as he opened the DiBella Entertainment card at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

The always candid ‘Sugar Ray’ admits it was a scenario he wasn’t sure how he would respond do, but told that he was delighted he proved to everyone and indeed himself that he has spirit and fight to deal with adversity- a trait he is adamant all boxers will need to reach the top in a tough game full of ‘the unknown.’

“I’m delighted with the win first off,” Moylette said.

“He was no pushover and had real skills to back it up. It’s not ideal getting dropped in any fight, and I hope it never happens to me again, but when your in that ring you have to be prepared to take the good with that bad.”

“That’s boxing and that’s sport maybe that’s why we love it so much. The unknown.”

“I’m proud of myself getting up and finishing off the fight the way I did. I always wondered how I would react if that happened to me. Getting caught and hitting the canvas. Now I know the character I have.”

“I always believed I would come out fighting but until the chips are down you never know. That’s true fighting spirit and I thank God for blessing me with such character.”

Watch Ray Moylette’s dramatic fight with Donte Bryant here.

The Islandeady lightweight showed great recovery powers to recover from one of those ‘never seen it coming’ shots that a lot of early day pros have to overcome, but indicates that he instantly had to consult both his experience and desire to ensure he made it through the round.

“I didn’t feel the shot and I never saw it coming either. I remember sitting on the deck and thinking how did I get here? So I jumped up right back up to take the count.”

“As it was my first time hitting the floor in my pro career I panicked slightly and it took all my experience and will to survive to get through it, especially with over two minutes left on the clock,” he continued before explaining an experienced corner also help him through the temporary adversary.

“I have to commend my corner on how relaxed and composed they all were when I got back. I was still panicked slightly and when I got back I was brought back to the game plan like nothing ever happened. I didn’t realise how important that was until I was trying to sleep that night and it came into my head.”

“After I got up off the stool for the third round I was a new man and that is all thanks to my corner Packie Collins, Martin Brennan and Mark Vaz.”

No coach wants to see their fighter hit clean, never mind dropped, but in a strange way there is always some pleasure taken when a novice to the pro ranks suffers some adversary early doors. The thought process being that it’s better to learn your lessons before you move up the levels.

Paschal Collins certainly wasn’t upset afterwards according the Mayo man, indeed the experienced coach was ‘pleased’ with how the fighter who returns to the ring as early as September 30th both reacted and performed.

“Paschal and myself had a good chat after and he was pleased with my performance. He didn’t dwell to much on the knockdown as that’s all part of boxing. In his eyes I won five out of the six rounds against a game opponent and I showed heart and skill along the way. What trainer wouldn’t be happy about that?”

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