Prince Naseem Hamed pays tribute to late Brendan Ingle

Prince Naseem Hamed has called for Brendan Ingle to be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

The former featherweight world champion and star of the 90’s paid tribute to the legendary Irish trainer in a statement released soon after the Ringsend native’s passing.

Naz honed his unique style at the Wincobank Gym and with Ingle in his corner went on to become world featherweight champion in 1995 before unifying straps with the Dubliner in his corner.

The pair had a public fall out in 1998 and never made up despite Hamed stating he wanted to apologize.

Regardless, the former world champion, now 44, took time like so many in the boxing world and even beyond to pay tribute to his former trainer.

Hamed attributed all his success to Ingle and called for him to be called into the Boxing Hall of Fame.

Hamed said that “the 25th of May was a very sad day for me, the Ingle family and Sheffield as a whole.

“It was especially upsetting for me as I spent a large part of my early life and formative years guided by Brendan, in fact, during many of those years I spent more time with Brendan than my own family.

“I had an unbelievable and amazing time, created by Brendan, and I will never forget how Brendan laid the foundations for my boxing career, making me the fighter I became.

“Brendan brought something amazing to the sport of boxing and will be sorely missed by all who have had the pleasure of his company over the years.

“During my career there were times we were inseparable and I can honestly say that if it were not for Brendan Ingle I would not have achieved all I did in the sport of boxing. I hope in the years to come Brendan will be honoured, as I have, in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

“Teaching his concept of boxing, hit and don’t get hit, producing five world champions, Brendan was a true innovator putting Sheffield boxing on the map, with Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham he started it, I completely mastered it and the rest will always be mere pretenders.

“I wish to pass on my respects and condolences to the Ingle Family and all Brendan’s friends at this difficult time.”


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