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Praise for Irish team after nine medal haul

Liam Brereton hailed Ireland’s squad after their impressive medal haul at the European Women’s Youth and Junior Championships in Keszthely, Hungary.

The tournament finished this afternoon, with Amy Broadhurst winning Youth gold and Orla Garvey and Shauna O’Callaghan winning Junior silver.

Overall, Ireland won one gold, two silver and six bronze medals.

Broadhurst beat Italian feather Francesca Matussciello in today’s 57kg decider, but Garvey and O’Callaghan were beaten by Russian pair Liudmilla Voransova, who won the Best Junior Boxer Award, and Ekaterina Dinnyk on unanimous and split decision.

“There was nothing in it. It could have gone either way and Shauna was top class. Orla was beaten by the Russian that won the best boxer award and gave it everything. Amy topped the lot for us after winning the gold medal, a fantastic performance from her, said Liam Brereton, who was working Ireland’s corner in Keszthely with Jim O’Neill, Anita Just, John McCormack.

“The team manager Maura Campbell and ourselves couldn’t be happier with the squad. They won nine medals and finished in fourth spot in the Junior table and sixth spot in the youth table.

“With a bit of luck we could have a few more medals, and a few more into the finals. The girls are looking forward to going home now and seeing their families. Once again they have represented their country with pride in international competition.”

The medal-laden Quick Park sponsored Irish squad are due to arrive home via Dublin Airport at 7.15pm tomorrow evening, Sunday August 23rd, evening – Ryanair FR1024 23AUG Budapest Dublin 1705 1915

All media are invited to attend Sunday’s homecoming.

European Women’s Youth and Junior Championships


August 16th (Prelims)
54kg Saidbh Greene (Ireland) lost to Valeria Manchuk (Ukraine) 0-3
60kg Shannon Edge (Ireland) lost to Adrianna Jevozejzya (Poland) 0-2

August 17th (Q/Finals)
69kg Saoirse Dignam (Ireland) beat Yulia Stojko (Ukraine) 2-1

August 18th
51kg Caitlin Sweeney (Ireland) lost to Andrea Seni (Romania) (last 16) 0-3

48kg Shannon Sweeney (Ireland) lost to Andrea Milosevic (Serbia) TKOI1
64kg Chloe Gray (Ireland) lost to Elisaveta Memsteva (Russia) 0-3
75kg Aoife Burke (Ireland) lost to Chantelle Reid (England) 1-2

August 19th (Q/Final)
57kg Amy Broadhurst (Ireland) beat Marietta Kiss (Hungary) TKO4

August 20th (S/Finals)
August 20th Amy Broadhurst (Ireland) beat Sofia Nilson (Sweden) TKO2

August 21st (S/Final)
69kg Saoirse Dignam (Ireland) lost to Sonia Sabiniarz (Poland) 0-3

August 22nd (Finals)
57kg Amy Broadhurst (Ireland) beat Francesca Matussciello (Italy) 2-0


August 16th (Prelims)
46kg Chloe Callender (Ireland) beat Siria Cavell (Italy) 3-0
60kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Ireland) beat Sabine Fiedler (Germany) TKO2

August 17th (Q/Finals)
54kg Labhaoise Clarke (Ireland) lost to Ulabzsislave Kalaskova (Belarus) 1-2
63kg Katelynn Phelan (Ireland) beat Iria Hjvllcik (Norway) 3-0
70kg Lauryn Sinclair (Ireland) lost to Georgia O’Connor (England) 0-2

August 18th (Q/Finals)
48kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) beat Cristina Acioloanitei (Romania) 3-0
52kg Niamh Early (Ireland) lost to Ivy-Jane Smith (England) 0-3
57kg Orla Garvey (Ireland) beat Ionita Paluca (Romania) TKO2
60kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Ireland) beat Doneta Sadiku (Kosovo) 3-0

August 19th (Q/Finals)
46kg Chloe Callender (Ireland) beat Christina Borah (Romania) 3-0
50kg Kelsey Leonard (Ireland) beat Kamilla Finesz (Hungary) 3-0
66kg Lauren Kelly (Ireland) beat Annamarita Krali (Croatia) TKO1

August 20th (S/Finals)
48kg Caitlin Fryers (Ireland) lost to Olga Vozniak (Ukraine) 0-3
57kg Orla Garvey (Ireland) beat Havanur En (Turkey) 3-0
63kg Katelynn Phelan (Ireland) lost to Vittoria Decarlo (Italy) 0-3

August 21st (S/Finals)
46kg Chloe Callender (Ireland) lost to Gabriella Karolyi (Hungary) 0-3
50kg Kelsey Leonard (Ireland) lost to Katerina Rohara (Ukraine) 1-2
60kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Ireland) beat Olexandra Kharytonuk (Ukraine) TKO3
66kg Lauren Kelly (Ireland) lost Gabriella Petrovics (Hungary) 0-3

August 22nd (Finals)
57kg Orla Garvey (Ireland) lost to Liudmilla Voransova (Russia) 0-3
60kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Ireland) lost to Ekaterina Dinnyk (Russia) 1-2

Irish squad

48kg Shannon Sweeney (St Anne’s)
51kg Caitlin Sweeney (St Brigid’s, Edenderry)
54kg Saidbh Greene (St Brigid’s, Edenderry)
57kg Amy Broadhurst (Dealgan) (Gold)
60kg Shannon Edge (St Brigid’s, Edenderry)
64kg Chloe Gray (Bracken)
69kg Saoirse Dignam (Sacre Coeur) (Bronze)
75kg Aoife Burke (St Marys)

46kg Chloe Callender (Ryston) (Bronze)
48kg Caitlin Fryers (Immaculata) (Bronze)
50kg Kelsey Leonard (Curragh) (Bronze)
52kg Niamh Earley (Ryston)
54kg Labhaoise Clarke (Cardonagh)
57kg Orla Garvey (Dealgan) (Silver)
60kg Shauna O’Callaghan (Clann Naofa) (Silver)
63kg Katelynn Phelan (St Brigids, Kildare) (Bronze)
66kg Lauren Kelly (St Brigid’s, Edenderry) (Bronze)
70kg Lauryn Sinclair (Ryston)

Team Manager: Maura Campbell (South Meath)

Coaches: Liam Brereton (St Brigid’s, Edenderry); Jim O’Neill (Clan Naofa); Anita Just (Arklow) John McCormack (St Saviours)

R/J: Jim Murrin (Edenderry)

Team Manager: Maura Campbell (South Meath)

Coaches: Liam Brereton (St Brigid’s, Edenderry); Jim O’Neill (Clan Naofa); Anita Just (Arklow) John McCormack (St Saviours)

R/J: Jim Murrin (Edenderry)


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