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Low Blows: Jamie ‘The Mexican’ Conlan

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The sportspeople with the biggest personalities, we let Irish boxers loose every Wednesday with Low Blows.

This week it is the turn of ‘The Mexican’ Jamie Conlan [17(11)-0] who headlines the Boxnation ‘Homecoming’ card at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast next weekend

Q: Hardest Trainer ?
A: Easily Michael Conlan, first in the gym, last out all the time. Always working on something new and pushing himself harder and further.

Q: Biggest Moaner?
A: Probably Smoking Joe Rea, he used to complain about everything in the old Breen’s Gym, it was hilarious. When I was only starting with John I used to walk home with Joe and Ciaran Healy and they hated everything about training.

Q: Funniest?
A: I would say Tom Stalker, he just says what’s on his mind, he gets in some crazy situations. I also remember being in America with Willie Casey and he was amazing. I laughed from the moment we met in the airport till coming home – mostly because I didn’t understand a word he said.

Q: Biggest Ladies Man?
A: The retired Willy McLaughlin, although he’s retired from boxing and being a ladies man now.

Q: Most Intelligent?
A: A hard one, Eamonn O’Kane has his head screwed on so he would get the nod.

Q: Least Intelligent?
A: Tyrone McKenna by a country mile! I don’t know how he survives when he doesn’t have me looking after him outside camp!

Q: Hardest Puncher?
A: Probably Junior Granados. It felt like there was bricks in his gloves, I’ll not forget him in a hurry.

Q: Most Talented?
A: That would be Mick Conlan. I’ve seen him do things at 12 years old that I’ve still not seen world class pros do. Nowadays I’ve seen him do things in sparring with world class opponents that is just the highest quality.

Q: Cheapest?
A: Luckily enough I haven’t met that many cheap boxers, but I don’t think I want to hurt the feelings of the ones I have met. Some boxers are afraid to wake up in case they lose sleep!

Q: Worse Dancer?
A: Tyrone McKenna. He’s very similar to the big skinny fella out of Inbetweeners, he’s bad. Anyone who’s been out with him will understand. But there’s an art to being that bad.

Q: Worse Dress Sense?
A: That would be Peter McDonagh. I’ve a picture on my phone of him with his hair parted in the middle, his socks up to his knees, skin tight shorts on, a baggy t-shirt, and his glasses on – and he walked about without a care in the whole like that.

Q: Biggest Messer?
A: Probably Paddy Barnes, he’s always up to something, can’t sit in peace when he’s around.

Joe O'Neill

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