Pocket Rocket pays tribute to Sutherland

17 September 2009 – By Wayne McCullough

After Darren’s fantastic performance in the Olympics I contacted him by text through a mutual friend and current Irish amateur fighter, Robert Gorman.

When I saw him in his first fight at the Olympics I told my wife “I wanna train him. He’d be a great pro who could go on to become a World Champion.”

Boxing is a tough business and I can totally understand how Darren felt and what he was going through. I went through the same sort of things (and touched on it in my book) and was in the same position he was in. But thankfully I got help before anything happened.

I’m sorry Darren wasn’t able to get the help that he needed. I’m praying for his entire family and even though I didn’t know him personally, he came across as a really great guy.

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