Phil Sutcliffe Jr slams “billy big balls” Tyrone McKenna

Phillip Sutcliffe Jr [13(8)-2(1)] claims he has told MTK to get him a fight with Tyrone McKenna – or to instruct his managerial stablemate to keep quiet.

The Dublin side of a building domestic rivalry suggests he is ready to swat Tyrone McKenna [15(6)-0-1] away like he would an annoying fly early next year.

Indeed Sutcliffe goes as far as to claim he has given the fight a the green light and asked his management team to make it happen.

Despite the fact McKenna was has stepped up in levels over the past year, and was even scheduled to fight Tommy Coyle, ‘Succo’ remains unconvinced the undefeated Belfast southpaw is keen on making the fight happen.

In that regard, he sent out a ‘put up, or shut up’ ultimatum.

“Listen, Tyrone is calling me out like mad. He is seriously doing my head in. I said it to them [MTK], ‘get that fight,'” he revealed to

“Tyrone thinks he is billy big balls, talking shite. He doesn’t really want the fight anyway. I have asked for it now just to shut him up so it’s in their court.”

“He has two options: take the fight, or stop waffling on,” Sutcliffe continued

In fairness to McKenna, he is often fielding questions on his stablemate when he does namedrop him – not to mention that he has called out almost every top domestic fighter over the past year.

However, Sutcliffe is adamant when his name is dropped it’s not done with any conviction.

The heavy-hitter, who makes his return to the ring tonight against Andreas Maier in Belfast, points to calls for him to face McKenna on the big Sky Sports show at the SSE Odyssey Arena in October following the late withdrawal of Coyle.

“He calls me out at on a week’s notice because he knows it won’t happen. He should give it over or grow a set of balls. He doesn’t want the fight, but you never know, it could happen, I have asked for it,” Sutcliffe reasoned before almost suggesting fighting McKenna isn’t his preferred career path.

“I don’t think fighting Tyrone will do much for me, and he always has the going the British route excuse, but he talked himself into it now.”

“It’s not about rankings or titles or good matching with that fight. He is just annoying. Honestly, it’s that simple.”

“All I’ll say is take the fight or shut up about it.”

‘The Mighty Celt’ has proved one of Ireland’s most improved punchers over the last two years months and he has certainly grabbed his chances when they arose.

After taking two Dublin fighters undefeated records he secured a victory over Renald Garrido live on Sky Sports.

Sutcliffe did give his potential rival credit for this most recent win and does believe it will stand to the Belfast man moving forward.

“He has a good record and is on a bit of run. That last fight was a good tough fight and all boxers benefit from 10 hard rounds like that.”



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