Peters: McCullough must earn shot at Dunne

04 November 2009 – By Alex McGreevy

Promoter Brian Peters says he will “seriously consider” offering Wayne McCullough a chance to fight former WBA super-bantamweight world champion Bernard Dunne – but only if he gets back into the ring and proves himself worthy.

Peters, who was behind Dunnes rise to prominence and victories in European and world title shots, is planning ahead should the Dubliner confirm a desire to return to the ring in the wake of Septembers shocking stoppage defeat at the hands of challenger Poonsawat Kratingdaenggm.

McCullough claims Peters and Dunne have ignored repeated requests for an all-Irish showdown but Peters said: “How many different ways can the same question be asked? Yes, Wayne wants to fight Bernard Dunne. I get that.

“I dont know how many times Wayne wants me to give him the same answer. I will say this to him now: get a couple of wins under your belt and then I will seriously consider a fight with Bernard involved.

“I have not spoken with Bernard about his next move and I cannot tell if he will box again. But he if does, then Wayne should be prepared for that by having wins behind him. Then, and only then, can he justifiably call for a fight.

“I have the greatest respect for Wayne – he is a hero of mine. But I respect, too, the fight fan who would ask wheres the merit in giving a fight to a guy who hasnt had a win in his last three and has only fought four times in the last five years.”

Las Vegas-based McCullough will turn 40 next summer but age doesnt concern the former WBC super-bantamweight champ, who has shared the ring with all-time greats.

Peters added: “Why doesnt Wayne get on with his getting his own fights? That would make a decision to fight Bernard Dunne an easier one to make for promoters, TV people and fight fans. Surely theres a promoter in the US who can get him fights?

“Id say to him, challenge Kiko Martinez or Rendall Munroe, bring a title to the table. Get the European belt, then you have something we would want and we would be coming looking for you.

“I dont see why Wayne cant return and go after a domestic belt and put himself back in the frame. Im not going to make a fight because its want he wants. He has to deserve it.

McCullough hit back, though, claiming Peters is delusional.

He said: “Both myself and Bernard are coming off losses but Bernard’s was a lot more devastating than mine. In fact, hes been knocked out twice in his past six fights – that has never happened to me in my entire career.

“I admit that I do keep on asking Brian for the fight with Bernard but doesnt that show that its something I know everyone wants to see? Im inundated with fan mail requesting that I fight Bernard and I tell them that I’m ready, willing and able to fight him anytime, any day but he’s the one making lame excuses.

“A close friend of mine suggested the foremost reason Bernard won’t fight me is because I floored him in a sparring session at Luttrellstown Castle before I fought Jose Luis Bueno. I was dead making the weight back then but I was still able to put Bernard flat on the canvas. Clearly he doesn’t want that to happen again.”

He added: “As for Kiko Martinez and Rendall Monroe, I’d fight both of them. Martinez failed to make weight for our fight in 2007 and Monroe’s manager recently contacted me about fighting him. I accepted but they came back with a a lame excuse to call off the idea.

“There is no valid reason why the fight with Bernard shouldn’t take place. I have said for years that Brian, Bernard and I are friends but at this time they don’t deserve to be called my friend.”

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