Peters bites back at Maloney

16 April 2009 – By Mark Doyle

Brian Peters has rubbished Frank Maloneys claim that Bernard Dunne is afraid of Rendall Munroe.

Maloney is desperate to secure Munroe a shot at Dunnes WBA super-bantamweight title and has offered the Dubliner home advantage and either 180,000 or a share of the profits from the promotion to defend against the Leicester southpaw.

However, Dunne is not biting, prompting Maloney to declare that the champion is running scared.

Not so, though, according to Peters, who claims that both he and Dunne are more interested in going Stateside for their next outing.

Indeed, Peters has already revealed that his priority is a bout with the marquee name in the super-bantamweight division, Israel Vazquez, in Las Vegas.

“Frank Maloney is not the only person seeking Dunne. We are getting offers from all over the place, so nothing has been decided, Peters explained in the Irish Independent.

Besides Vazquez, which is a possibility in September, we have had offers from the people behind Cristobal Cruz, the Mexican who holds the IBF featherweight title, and the Canadian Steve Molitor.

“In any event, it is ridiculous to say that we are running away from Munroe. We are not. But maybe Munroe might be better establishing himself in America first and maybe pick up a title. As it is, he’s an unknown over there. The Americans are looking for big names and big draws.

“It is true that Frank Maloney keeps upping his offers so let him keep doing that.

Then we will know he’s going in the right direction and that he’s genuine. But let me make it clear once again, Bernard is not afraid of Munroe. Far from it.”

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