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Paul Ryan proving why he is one of Ireland’s Top Prospects

It’s a name that will only ring bells with the nerdiest of Irish fight fans.

In fairness Alexander Zeledon, a Spain-based Nicugarian journeyman isn’t a fighter that should be on most fight followers’ radars. However, according to Paul Ryan he’s a fighter that helps him both explain his ‘avoided’ argument and prove to people just how good he is.

The Dubliner has been very vocal about how he feels domestic fighters are doing all they can to avoid sharing the ring with him – and has more recently revealed that British fighters with title experience have turned down offers to fight him.

He says his display against Zeledon highlights just why and also through the means of comparison allows fans to judge his potential.

Ryan bust up and took out the durable journeyman in two rounds and points out his performance against El Champina, who retired on his stool against Top Rank starlet Kieran Molloy last weekend, compares extremely favourably to many fighters with more experience who have shared the ring with him.

Before he fought Molloy in Belfast on December 10th, the 32-year-old gave popular Geordie Joe Laws a real scare, he took rounds of Harley Benn, drew with prospect Darren Smith and brought some good fighters the distance.

“I didn’t see it but I heard he almost stopped Joe Laws and obviously you’ve seen what I had done to him,” Ryan tells Irish-boxing.com.

“He also fought Harley Benn the month before I fought him and won rounds against him. I smashed him up in two rounds so I think everyone is realizing the level I’m at now.”


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