Pay Dispute:O’Sullivan and Fitzgerald won’t happen

by Jonny Stapleton

Anthony Fitzgerald has priced himself out of a fight with Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan according to the Cork fighter’s manager Pascal Collins.

Irish fight fans got excited yesterday when news of a potential middleweight title fight

O'Sullivan went head to head with former Fitzgerald foe Robbie Long- but won't be facing the Irish super middleweight champ

between the pair broke, but Celtic Gym boss Collins put paid to the furore today stressing the fight is a no go for financial reasons.

The brother of former world champion Steve Collins said team Fitzgerald request two and a half times what he was prepared to offer for the eagerly anticipated bout which was set to be in Lonon in December.

Collin’s revealed ‘Spike’ wants the contest and even admitted he believes ‘The Pride’ desires the Dublin Cork dust up, but is adamant that fight won’t happen now.

“There is no fight happening between Spike and Fitzy,” Collins told

“Team Fitzgerald wanted to much money. The gave us an initial figure and we asked if they would do it for a grand less. Then when they heard the fight might happen abroad they doubled the first request. We just can’t afford that. Spike is in the same boat as Fitzgerald. He has to travel and was getting the same money. There was also going to be an Irish referee. We always wanted that fight. It is a good match up. In fairness to Anto he wants it too. I don’t think Anto is running from it. It is simple his team asked for too much money. It won’t be happening now. If Phil Sutcliffe really wanted the fight and believed they could use it to move on they would take it for nothing. Stephen Ormond saw a chance to get ahead against Kevin Mitchell and he was taking less in that fight, which is bigger, than Fitzgerald is asking for.”

Collins will still run a show in London around December, that will include Ian Tims and yet to be named Irish amateur who is turning pro.

O’Sullivan will also appear on that fight menu, which now looks considerably less appetising now WBA world top 20 fighter Fitzgerald on it, and has set his sights on Jamie Cox and the Commonwealth title.

“We are now focused on getting a bout with Jamie Cox. We told Frank Warren we want that fight and the Commonwealth title. Spike will now campaign at light middle and the Fitzy fight is gone. If they can get the money they want good luck to them, but we can’t afford it.”

Fitzgerald retorted claiming price wouldn’t be an issue if the Irish title fight was to be held in Ireland.

The inner city Dub said a clash of the capitals would sell out the Stadium and prove self sufficient.

The Irish super middleweight champion also revealed he would fight for tickets not cash.

“I don’t know why you would have one of the best domestic fights Ireland ever had abroad. Spike and myself would sell out the Stadium. There is a bit of history there and there is the Cork Dublin thing. It also gives us the chance to have an all Irish under card. I have wanted that fight for two years and I know Spike wants to fight me. In fairness I understand where Pascal is coming from but I am not asking for massive money. If I have to fight abroad I want to make sure I get fair pay. The remedy is simple fight in Ireland and he gets me cheaper and he makes more money. I guarantee we will sell the place out.”

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